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Episcopal Hospital Ophthalmic and Aural Surgeon to St.

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able to manage a large business and declines oj erative interference becauaoj

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First no foreign body the presence of which has actually been detected

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ebb in Spain but more especially in the Asturias. I iat xe

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irides were not visible. The cloudings finally disappeared leaving the

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gle they do not only speak and practise truth but may be

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in an insane asylum for five years made a complete re

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used gelatin in one case of typhoid fever where there had been

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ureter enlarged and tender. The bladder showed almost general

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was the first Health Officer of the consolidated Boards of Health of New

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junction with those of Harvard Yale and other American representatives.

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ing the child was past all hope. I had explained to

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est Sanatarian General Gorgas was Co. In this book the author divides

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nancy affects all renal complaints it does so above all tuber

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and lay constantly on his back. A succession of flying blisters was ordered

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antero posterior diameter 13 mm. vertical diameter at the anterior

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is taken from Archigenes through Philumenus. Hie accounts oC

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hopeless. There were 1 2 operations of this kind with

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In the form of gruel either salted or seasoned with sugar honey or

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the tubercle bacillus is possible in the artificially produced disease pro

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recall the views put forward by the late Professor Hack who stated that

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or quantity of thyreoid secretion which the sera are

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the disease is characterized by fever of a remittent or intermittent

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sewage farms Hobercht the city engineer states that the system

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from all our colonies and an elaborate Report made to the Government. From

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We ask those who were members of the association last year to kindly

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tory reaction the leucocytes are poured out in abundance

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