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more than one health center per 50 000 inhabitants or

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presented illustrates how serious may be the condi

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and colic are to a certain extent hereditary inasmuch as they are

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Xiaral3 sis pulmonary tuberculosis rabies rubella German

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the constant succession of rescarcli workers when desir

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general hospitals or cottage hospitals a wooden building

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ponding period of last year. The total number of new

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visitors at Montana and Leuk was repeated by the medical

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ments arose from the repeated sloughing of the inoculated mass. In

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Recently formalin vai gt or lia.s been e.xtensively used for dLsinfecling

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The following experiment showed that the motion of blood in circulation is

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latitudinem nihil prorsus de spetiebus quas ab aetemo in mente sua retinuit

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woman s breast was cancer It has long been my understanding that

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ited and how far the hereditary transmission ot acquired

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stool is yellow and violent cramps occur also for Diarrhoea

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and they are perfect. A metallic director somewhat resembling the

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flaccidity loss of reflexes and electrical changes characterized by

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urine analysis have long felt the want of a sufficiently accurate

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expansion of the lungs. The thick speech open mouth and stertorous

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agent of the railw.ay company the duty of seeing to it that

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iucrusted with brownish yellow scabs beneath which purulent

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the vision was impaired after delivery are recorded by Beer llamsbotham

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breast is pendulous. Pressure by encircling the gland with strips of bella

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disease are very variable and complex the most fre

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Mr. Edward Arris deceased the Plaintiff s father did

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the soft tissues but is easily scratched by a stone.

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It is good for the generality of diseases incident to cattle

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in the merits of an all sufficient Saviour to believe in tlie

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kindness and the same watchful solicitude by night and by day and

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cease to sing or push out the note from the throat and the

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because we have no opportunity to determine the normal ratio

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series of transverse sections of Polyodon both specimens approx

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and it is claimed by some writers that the act is always

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Mundy of ienna called Parkes the founder and best teacher

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wheu they belong to the animal or vegetable kingdom. Poisons

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tion in ruminants the precise diagnosis of these pathological conditions

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Remote organs are influenced either directly or by sympathy. Tlie

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fluenza and the other colic. The last of these attacks had

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forward. It comes into the spleen tearing away under torrential speed. It

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of the inferior maxilla from which au abscess had discharged into the

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may Irritate or affect the lungs in which they lie thev

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Council has sustained by the death of Dr. Andrew Wood made more

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other exaggeration or other modification below it must be regarded

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gradually improved until she was able to do light house work and could

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from seemingly bitter personal experience has this to say That

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the information that is possible or necessary and it will then

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lactic butyric and acetic fermentation and the fermen

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of caution is necessary here against the repetition of the subversive

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genetally spring from the mucous membrane ilsdf but ratlier

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