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he e when times were quieter. Every consignment pa.ssed at

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Obstipation is pronounced throughout but the lower bowel may empty

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paralgic sensations formication and prickling in the tips of the

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immortal in a manner by no means to his taste. A ballad

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jjrocess may affect the dee muscles of the neck the

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secretion he had seen many cases in which menstruation

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fluid. The melanin was next dissolved in a small amount of con

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his life and he seeks the charlatan who deals in unwarranted promises

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tubercle and Laennec described the several stages of tuber

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quantity they may become deposited as a fawn colored

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redness or heat and no definite pain or tenderness.

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bone in order that the skin incision shall not exactly

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will probably continue to grow as the conditions of city life are i

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Baldness begins in the area where the blood supply is weakest usually

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the natural transition of the testicle. It produces

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urethro stenosis. He examined during life and after death the

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all the hospitals along the north coast of the Mediterranean from Toulon

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VAEICOCELE. From Varix a dilated vein o Xj a tumour.

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the year that is three whole months and these saith he

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Exposition plan the free Spanish renaissance has been treated in this in

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dermatic injection is 0.50 gramme 7 J grains for every kilo

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noted that the heart was not enlarged. All the valves were

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spermatic cord. The tendency to the protrusion is congenital but

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erroneous or inconsiderate statements. I am sir yours truly

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In explanation I am to inform you tliat the preparation

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Fig. i. Centre the tube carefully under the foreign body

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sions and additions in the present edition one of the most important

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Victoria Cross to British Surgeon. In the first list of nine officers

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gland is liable may be mentioned syphilitic disease which is said to set

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nitrogen is given off in toto in five minutes accord

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eral rule that if a wound continues dry and not ill smelling looks

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secretions through the sympathetics must be thought of as an etiological factor.

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officers for part of their training in other hospitals.

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It is obvious then that the left half of head A instead of

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need of such classification. It is not a joint disease

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The rapid disappearance of pericardial friction sounds during the course of

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