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peduncular fibres pass in close relation with the tiki f the

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That the milk from any animal suffering from tuber

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showed a most ominous and determined intention of stripping herself com

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revealed the fact that under boll weevil conditions the loss of time

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tention to diet ventilation and cleanliness. If the case is more severe

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and concomitant hsematomyelia. Severe paralysis of motion and of the

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Tvbat can bs done cluriug cauip aud tlie following points

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future profession. And we shall be disappointed if this last admission

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lymphatic follicles are increased in number and size the

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matic forms of synovitis are apt to be attended by a

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The members of the party will always retain a grateful

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slow and takes place chiefly along the lymphatics ultimately reaching

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observes that large doses are apt to promote metabolism beyond the desired

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of the respiratory movements. To record the variations in pleural

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Though his views may not always be sound yet those with open

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the first incision. There were no adhesions encountered except at the

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Clinical improvement was steady from February 1 to February 12.

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cases in Galveston and Musser has found them in Philadel hia. A careful

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tomed to the new position. In such cases the use of an

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and scorpions as well as the phylotoxins such as ricin abrin

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did not react to quinine treatment as well as uncomplicated

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The greatest difficulty experienced during the opera

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and to cause peripheral neuritis. The tetanus toxine has a specific action

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that one portion tlie apex may be firmly contracted while

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and surgeon suffer from the lack of coordination with the internist

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lor itself. Until the profession was cj uite clear on certain

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during the past winter organized a Medical Defence Union obtained a

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recurrent nerve completely dissected from surrounding parts up to where it

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with prominent members of tlie Association during visits paid

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first week occur it may be disregarded a greater loss of

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for he seemed not to apprehend the danger of bis situation

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