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non infectious interstitial mastitis is treated like any other simple

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considered they of themselves indicate the line of in

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the increased volume of the spleen reduced and the over production

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injured perineum also recovered mental health. From these

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clinical manifestations according to their nature and mode

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slowly and be temporarily stopped if spasmodic coughing occurs or

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pertrophy in the otherwise markedly atrophic joints but this

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the different types of ulcers and erosions which ought

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Sterilization in Exce sis. It has long been a standing

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successively diseases of the mouth of the pharynx u sophagus stomach

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were seen. No characteristic local indications of an

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Nitrite of amyl and nitro glyoerin relax and dilate the whole arterial

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generally multiple. If the woman has lived for some time

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rickets and an expert dermatologist. He translated Hebra for

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such as pallor lividity defective volume of arterial pulse

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sium mercuric iodide solution 1 8.000 in 95 percent alcohol. Kanga

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have been properly attended to in addition to the removal 6i any

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has at his command a supply of filiform sounds and other improved

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some considerable fever with frequent respiration and a hard wiry

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organic sclerosis of the arterioles in the precapillary areas sets in.

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treated not only by the line officers but by the President of the

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investment may measure as much as an inch in thickness.

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of the following veterinary writers Finlay Dnn Fried

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was in much better condition. The edema had become less and the

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From February to August the disease curve increases steadily

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the general feeling of tl iose present at the meeting has

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emetic produces diaphoresis more uniformly aud more certainly than

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seminal vesicles 5j rinatic cord testicles bladflcr kidneys and peri

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son honneur il est inort au Jardin Royal le 9 aout a six

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