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Trazodone In Canada

meal one-fourth, the pigs were noticed to be out of condition toward

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Abdomen opened in median line. I found that the ball had passed

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work of the septum stripped of its mucoperiosteum on both sides and

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Phvsio-Medicai.ism. — A corresi)ondent asks for infor-

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44 H. W. Barber : Guy's Hospital Reports, lxxi. 112, 1921.

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and the rate of movement is computed from these results.

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medicine is desirable and a highly nutritious and laxative diet is

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Within the last few years the custom of coating the cheese with an

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mately related to the cyto-biological changes in the fluid as well

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of reliable houses. Certainly many of the scale pepsins and

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alone, very probable,-* degree of caution which on similar occasions it will

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persons occupying houses of four apartments and upwards it was only

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thirty-five cases, in some of which several feet of intestine were

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spleen was involved to a much greater extent than is common in

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