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vestigation find practical application in the manage

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bad and we had an eight hours wait in Hamlet. The grand unselfish

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But before I allude to these experiments which I must endeavour

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redy a marbyll stone anoynte it with swete mete oyle as thyne

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of sufficiently long standing and severe enough to have caused optic atrophy

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F tinctare of icMline it lessens the formation of matter and prevents

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area of myocardium has undergone anemic infarction Plate VI Fig. 18. The

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The senior internes in the Hospital are James A. Cutting in medi

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of a reyiewer but this eighth edition of Smith on Diseases of

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perience with this treatment A. G. Auld divides cases

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and 1 fc proteid it is evident here that we need three

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we ever owned was a three parts bred Monmouth Ecli se seventeen hands

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was evident that too many had been provided for women. Roble Hall

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circumscribed within a small compass but may extend. It becomes more

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a single child refusing to be schicked. In other schools we could hardly

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space be reserved about the newly established institution for future

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are frequently shown or illustrative cases described. A lecture or demon

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regarded as Vincent s angina and not rather as a form of noma.

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the tight of the etcrnum the impulsion of the hyportrophied auricles

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to carry out with eliarity humility and fortitude all the pub

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axiomatic that asylum treatment is desirable for the

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of our industry will be remarkable. There are no doubt some to whom

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Shortly after reaching Paris Servetus began a course of lec

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reasons for this is the preference given by our students to the

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partially to constitute a most important glandular and va cular

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