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Tom Bowling 3 by Lexington 100 lbs. ran mile heats at

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appearing. Details of the disease and methods employed in different

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it is recognized now more than ever by the Medical Profession that WRONGLY

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ever been able to show results equally satisfactory.

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spleen in rickets. Stark found the spleen enlarged in fifty three cases out

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not be the same hesitation in attributing them to the action of the

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This analysis however did not prove the product to be

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quired to verify the formulas used in various calculations and are encour

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adopted a resolution approving of ambulance lectures

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follows long continued inflammation and irritation. These influences are

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appearance of the gullet Fig. 6 a portion of the gullet from which

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Those of the first degree produce only inhibitory or

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tonsil is apt to be mistaken for a vessel in that bed. But

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as a cardiac or epigastric sinking or feeling of heaviness.

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near Baltimore which went on to the discwerv later and their presence indicated

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ment of petroleum from the oil wells of Pennsylvania to tidewater.

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Is it not strange that in the beginning of this enlightened

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known that all these factors are concerned is prob

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in almost aU cases laying the foundation for some of the most

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The period elapsing between the moment the blood is drawn and the

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of the lumen. The free end is surrounded by blue staining

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to remove from this house upon the orders of the mor

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was poor and a tumor could be detected in the right supra

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afterwards such action constitutes an offence against

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operative procedure. The tumor was extirpated with conservation

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That this was not due to vascular instability was proved

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medical science and discovery. In writing these lives he spared

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more than last year. The chairman pleaded for more general

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encloses and unites the cartilages together was divided. If the

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attention of the jury from the real question that was at issue. Their

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patients were in the hospital and free from very severe heart

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quae sequuntur affert enim exemplum discipulorum Domini Jesu

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with sterile water or hotter normal salt solution. The

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urine was clear pale slightly acid and did not con

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ments graduate nurses from various schools and from different

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normal respired air contains no volatile gt oison and is not capable

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SCARLET FEVER. This disease known also as Scarlatina

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the affected side as he moves it round any bands of fascia

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pound of blood too much in his system. Should he go on

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and taking his hoe will do a steady forenoon s hoe

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several days apart which postpones the immunity until

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componnd prescription is composed of several parts which

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condition In acute pleuritis the patient often remains

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tal condition of the medical attendant will oftentimes change

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The usual course of the disease in the fatal cases was rapid and

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any attempt at a new approach to the problem will command attention.

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rate and trustworthy and stating that she had borne five children

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as incapable of explaining completely either normal vision or colour

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and especially the absence of any external scar which was the most important

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proportion of recoveries increases confidence in spe

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being rotated backwards towards the spinal column and also upwards.

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of public health laws the need of full time health officers

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found along the course of the phrenic nerve especially between the

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that this subject should be considered further by a small committee

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best supply of milk obtainable. The well known fact

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must consider its own business and come to a conclusion

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should not be forgotten that while all alcoholic fluids

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Fig. 2. Pebble that did not cause an asthmatoid wheeze presumably because

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by the richer harvest of the full scholastic age which followed.

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general subject into a society is the best possible

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tightness iu her chest which made her glad to have her

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instances the pus makes its way around to the opposite wall of tne

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The defendant made no claim that the disease was not lock

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while and it is very desirable if possible to find means of lowering

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tuberculosis etc. when the cartilaginous rings may be bared and some

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to the Cincinnati Medical Society several cases of poison

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pyrites as found among the coal formations of the world no

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longitudinal incision into the joint over the great trochanter. Von

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West s studies show strikingly the lower vital capacity in women.

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when the gums became touched without the slightest improvement the

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pany mates. This was done and the following interesting results obtained

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clear as a rule but sometimes there is a catch accompanied by a

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tire as the examination continues. There may be reversal of the

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verted into a caseating mass and the body of either testis presents

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indefinite length of time without producing atrophy

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total of 17 correct preoperative diagnoses have been made six of which

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differentiated in nature. This accords with the well

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