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Street, the members and friends of the Society for the Study
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absence, it may be allowable in certain cases. The Committee are of
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in English towns, there were ten times more in Swiss, 13 in Hungarian,
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to an ilhiess of a peculiarly distressmg character, and his death
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a description, illustrated by specimens, will be given of the
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the aorta there arose three vessels, which supplied the lungs.
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Board, and the guardians have requested the Board to inform
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ment might be extended into saying that all alkaline
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-Cilculus weighing hiz grains, removed from left kidney of
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pressure of 48 mm. at the time when the respiration ceased
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Cardilf.— A Professor of Anatomy, and a Professor of Physiology.
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with the apex inwards and downwards, from the tarsus. In
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deaths ; the mineral acids of 17, arsenic of 8, chloral of 7, and
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pany was unusually large, and much regret was expressed at
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post, and never on any occasion has the principle been set
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irritant action tlian its inhalation, yet there can be no doubt
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With respect to the reflex phenomenon of ear cough an4
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Longet. His room was next to the one which I occupied as
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from whtcli the preparations were made were hardened by immersion in
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ligatured, so that tlie blood from the brain was very largely
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hot water ; it is applied with a brush and dabbing with
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lescent cookery for medical students is to be given in the
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fallen to the lot of the present Director-General, and, as is
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water, filth, etc., is illogical and fallacious, (tl) Cholera chiefliy attacks
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ot '-fever" (including typhus, enteric, and simple and ill-defined forms
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* See De Ruyter, zur lodoformfi-age. LanricnhPch's Archiv, 18^7, p. ?S4
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almost an absence of the severe lieadache which characterised
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system of treatment of the passengers, of their detention in tlie cold,
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Away ; Mr. J. W. Fry, Middleton. (G) Dr. W. XJalbraith, Newcastle ;
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rfght direction, and the operation is probably better than that
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to the conflict of opinion upon the question whether, and in
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fetal death certificates. The Executive Committee ap-
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moulding he made to lake almost ai y shape. The infant's
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of the work that has been done in relation to the fermenta-
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the fluids of the body. Arterial tension required for its pro-
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is rocaltrol available generically
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the British Medical Association took the opportunity, when
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of the drug into the carotis or vertebral and so shall be con-
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