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blood sugar remained practically normal throughout the period of

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The questions involved here with a list of cases is very

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It seems fairly well established that experimental administration of

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legal profession. To the layman also it will furnish information of the

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draws down on the puckering string mil il ilu nibb.r lnb

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Books of Questions set at the Examinations for the Diploma in Public Health

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strict I y correct have at least the redeeming feature of be

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We feel we could have headed off his delirium had we begun

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with the subject. The negative observations thus far

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pulmonary congestion pneumonia hemorrhage congestions of liver and

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tributable to the well known peculiar irritability of the part bitten.

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spread about a vast amount of mitigated small pox while Dr. Carpenter

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of treatment placed at its disposal as early as possible. Allowing

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organs produce pathological changes in the l liM d. When blood changed

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nature as to give rise gt to any even the least sus

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what I should have suffered without i.ts powerful and kindly

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That an injury to the brain sufficient to destroy sensation and

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treatment required in the condition producing the hypcrtemia and need

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amongst his friends but were not in all cases treated

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weighed 50 pounds and was not operable. From an Army officer who

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y2 to inch in diameter and are usually devoid of hair. The

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But the miraculous character of the cure is suf ciently

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used in treatment of the war neuroses. The book instead of being

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constituted into a special form of the disease Henoch s purpura.

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remedy that has been often wrongly used. In certain

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served in the substance of tbe tissue usually stated lo oe brotu.

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rinsing the mouth and cleansing the teeth. The other is tlie well known

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found on opening the abdomen viz. a pinhole perfora

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memory of N. L. Pirogov for the study of Malaria in Russia is

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nation with especial reference to disease of the spinal cord

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acceptable and then only when no unusual insanitary practice is detected

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staining reactions are those of ordinary colon. It is very

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fail as. they are so apt to do by tlie stinulaling anieatbetic t

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depressing effect upou the higher niental functions. The

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of the normal size. The condition of the pulmonary artery

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