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aet. about 22 years, had a tumor a little larger than a pigeon's egg

sulfasalazine (azulfidine) side effects

find chronic. The first is represented by certain phases of typhoid

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passed and repassed as usual — no hint having ever been given out

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and sensation and motion of the fore-arm and fingers were quite perfect.

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pecially upon subjects so remotely connected with practical medicine. Any

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above that rib ; Sharpey and Quain state that it extends an inch, or even

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given to the possessor of sound and active kidneys; they

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is greater ; though, after all, a comparatively rare result, consid-

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1855.] Reciprocal Influence of the Physical Organization, &c. 173

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Southern Med. and Surg. Journal for July last. They were insti-

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tion reveals that it is due to a small sinus or pocket that has

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syphilis is attainable, in giving this protean disease the benefit

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ing, and may be considered the foundation of the whole subject

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become excessively painful, M. Larrey made use of Dr. Hardy's

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greatly predominates, as in southern wines, the yeast loses

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as the next place of meeting, it was only on account of its inac-

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combined with a larger amount of the inherent nervous power which

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should ever be iixed just below the point of cerebral excita-

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the late productions of Pharmaceutical Cltemistry. are respectfully invited to call.

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far as prognosis is concerned, and, to considerable extent, treatment,

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increased quantities. This soon ends in excess, and brings

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any one ; and the size of the tumor is not more than twice the

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The committee on Medical Topography and Epedemics being called,

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( Jomp'd Soa]) Liniment — one and one-half fluid oz.

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other part the determinate motion to this affection in muscles,

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ty-four months attendance in a medical, and the same in a surgi-

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ent schools, where, not unfrequently, they teach three or four different

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the power to control the balance of the member. The two

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side as to prevent breathing through them. The pendant por-

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the oblivion that has entangled so many of its predecessors.

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suture, besides uniting great security and firmness in its approxi-

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to give Reid's plan one more trial. The manipulation was per-

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tion," as made up to suit the body corporate of the Jefferson Medical Col-

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to menstruate, so that at a future time the results may be laid be-

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Southern Med. and Surg. Journal for July last. They were insti-

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azulfidine titration

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