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more keenly the subsequent career of this Institution and of the or

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In sharp contrast with the acute onset of the pneumococcal form there was

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Acute Wasting of Liver Softening of Liver Diffused Hepatitis

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The pulse was intermittent weak and irregular respiration was

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readily explicable by the pain and increasing dyspnoea. The

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large and even where several children are affected many others even

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On the second day of the illness there is restlessness thirst splenic

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be alive and happy by taking one single dose of Hebulm tjlum.

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they survive very well extirpation of the stomach and

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bound up with the development of the hypophysis and until the

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add another to the many benefits it has conferred on an

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are to be given repeatedly for at least thirty minutes

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period of 4 3 weeks with 2 grains of betanaphtol in tablet

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Of course there is a reason for the confusion that exists

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yielded to a more careful study of the conditions and laws of order

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Free samples of Albulactin and Literature will be sent

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This causes the irregularly thickened state of the gut and from such

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In many cases the auriculo ventricular ring of one or both sides is

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off sterile towels applied to the head and chest and in a good

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its exacerbations and remissions. This discharge must be dif

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is most desirable so far as human trichinosis is concerned but this

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the beginning of the outbreak and during the progress of the

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producing those flexions and versions which not infrequently offer

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by anastomosis and in the pulmonary veins when a high degree

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Based upon a large number of painstaking experiments our authors

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any standard medical journal. As to its therapeutic value freedom from

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coverability after suture dates from the past century which has

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Name the mineral acids give their uses internally their antidotes and

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much being as high as 46 per 100 000 inhabitants in the Duchy

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tain parts of this area as in Eoland Park sanitary conditions

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all food and the administration of rectal injections of warm

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generally employed but it should be credited to Wald

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C.imphor menthol a Supplementary Report. By Seth Scott

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son of Major Thomas Brooke and his wife Lucy Smith

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intact the streptococci die and the disease is ter

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peutics the fact remains that a suitable climate without

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tion wavy pulse he was cold and clammy. Herniotomy was per

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of external obje6ls and thence diffevers the trains of which thefe are

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Clinique Medico Chirurgicale publiee par Hermann Kaula.

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