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roborates Glenard's statements as to the frequency of enterop-

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idiocracy may have preserved him, and it may not hold with the family,

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never followed by ataxia, under other conditions. In other exi

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cisely with his idea of the appearance of the luminous shell. This state-

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man of unquestioned and unquestionable science. He admits, indeed, that

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posterior fontanelle, and two other openings of the same size two inches

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weakness often slight and unassociated with atrophy; 2, the

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casion later complications; 2, a perineal drain for the

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of 15 degrees. Recovery was uninterrupted, union being firm

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lion had been repeated of late years by Sir B. Brodie, by the late Baron

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urethra had now become quite tolerant of the catheter.

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months before, had had relief for a few months, but

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