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creased function the skin and kidneys doubtless become
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Imperial Rome herself is its chosen victim man flies
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mothers and their vaginal secretions being In no wav
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speech. Concerning the subordinate centres he is inclined to think
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I ricing Bureau is absolved from the necessity of supplying the
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as mentioned. Dr. Harte was convinced of the importance of
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St. John s College before he settled in London. It is
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regret at the loss of so esteemed and valued a member and
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The neuralgia as a rule recurs unless the general health improves so that
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to show close to the bone and gradually extends out
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Second when the caffein is translated into terms of cups of coffee the
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The Trypanosome carried by Oloisina morsitans in German East
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femoral neck simulating dislocation. This patient was also operated on in
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speech namely a curious drawling staccato speech without any distinct
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It has indeed been asserted that leprosy has been cured by the
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terminated in requiring an emetic and some saline purgatives.
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greater exposure and because they are subjected to the hardest
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turned from Europe where they have been spending a holiday.
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dnd skill not inferior but superior to that of the human practi
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processes storage in the liver as glycogen and recon
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contain inspissated material. Alimentary tract No abnormalities except that the stomach
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demonstrations were taken to heart bj his aadience for
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some growths are highly so others slightly so and that between these
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strychnia was taken consisting of grain 0.02 gramme of the
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the annual exhibition of museum sp eeimens. The health
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ptoms and had grown very pale. The pallor had rather rapidly
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was diagnosed and palliative curettage and styptic treat
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which would lead you to suspect Mortification of a Strangulated Intestine and
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This disease frequently follows inflammation of the womb
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may have been connected with the unusual accident of
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truth the new geography or physiography as it has been christened
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favorably in governing the heart s action. In typhoid
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wise to watch carefullj how one sclieme worlca before
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covered by a thin shell of bone giving an egg shell like crackle
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INCOMPATIBLES. The acids most salts and alkalies and their
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Ready solubility of mercury in combination with Potas
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must have been to a great extent destroyed as their place was occupied
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the Changpoo Valley Southern China states that no less than
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endocrine and the excretory systems in the hypnotic sleep and
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The injection of doses of atophan phenyl cinchoninic acid is followed
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progress for many years and the author holds strongly that cancer is
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coatnctiM of tke tmaljatd EbIb. Tinrar the daw of tW Snt iNtf oC
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is the next best operation reconstruction of the duct after the
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sound of splashing but in the first degree of gastro intestinal
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The object of the work is clearly and concisely stated in the
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Horns smooth crumpled not thick at the base and tapering tipped
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Wkereae the present organization being radically defective and
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tabic maS be Double to tbe quantity of tbe roote. cfo e let
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There are in literature few if any systematic clinical obser
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Many people are famiHar with the name of The Jukes
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provide for the State Board of Charities which shall v sz
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sufficient nuftber have taken advantage of the procedure
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of any measure within the range of posssible egislation that would be of
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Experiments made to determine the effects of sugar upon the pig
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ject of this case got an attack of fever unaccompanied by any remarkable
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colics stupor somnolence giddiness heavy steps stumbling delirium
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A case of melancholia improved by thyroid extract was that
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has a restrictive action on the digestive ferments and renders the
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apart of short or end pieces depends on length of trench desired. The
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that iodine has proved a failure in treating large wounds.
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Beef tea is not much use especially as it tends to bring
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dissection wound. IDr. Warnots was only thirty eight years of
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