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Micrococcus catarrhal was occasionally found in the lungs more particu

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satisfactorily prove that these bodies give rise to

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And at Mystic Park Boston September 14 for a special purse

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conception of the underlying pathological disturbance initiating

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Of all the methods of local anaesthesia Jonnesco s spinal anaesthesia

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A recent international committee appointed for the nomenclature

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cal observation. They are partly due to the swallowing

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found that the turbidity was almost entirely due to large

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cbus nusquam puer dicitur nusquam manum proterve movet. Plane

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by him before the Vienna Medical Society the cause of

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time will be afforded before filtration to render the coagulation of

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It is customarv in these cases to administer remedies which act

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of free caustic soda. physician that they were in perfect health

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bearers from lac milk. These lacteals ultimately converge

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ments with Listerine for the prevention of decomposition in urine

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During the year 1911 12 the total number of candidates registered for

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buffalo shed. The bite of A. ludlowi is less painful than that of

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years the subject of a sarcoma mvolving the bodies of the lower cervical

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means at hand for disinfecting such infected fluids.

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wards the prominence began to grow again the carti

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The parts completely exposed by Simon s retractors should be scraped

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tional cases however such creatures have lived to the eighth day after

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lar circumstances. During his convalescence the pulse went on declining in

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bacillus proteus the bacillus pyocyaneus the bacillus influenzae and very

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indicated as P while the main ventricular wave is marked R.

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The instrument I have the pleasure of introducing to my

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apprenticeship to general medicine as physician to Charing

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dicates the result of the operation the latter rather

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kind with brass plates and red lamps. This is treading

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characteristic facies are usually sufficient diagnostic oint s.

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mination of Arsenic in Organic Matter. I. Method for the Complete Extraction of

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adenine is the same as that of xanthine to hypoxanthine there

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tion of the literature that the fifth nerve must supply the

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seasoned against fever is by taking the disease. At Homerton

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