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are nearly two dozen different varieties of cap and we

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Active employment should be required of all its occupants for idleness

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land West branch of the British Medical Association. I

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in their profession and among these may he mentioned Richard Ferris

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eundem tamen sensum scripsif Hypotyposes quidem disceptatio

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I need scarcely here remark that we of the new school

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baths of the Japanese which are given at a tempera

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five years for females from thirty five to forty five years as compared

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and mucus issuing from her mouth and nostrils. Her right eye was

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sheltered situation renders it a very suitable place for

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bed they are tranquil cheerful have good digestions and like the kind

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bridges or their passage into an open draw bridge the injuries

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Professor Menzies it can be truly said that in life he was

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on them for the prevention or mitigation of the disease and in the

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patient must become the object of individual study and

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disease syphilis. There is apparently some cure now called

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factories. The following is a copy of their advertisement

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this the attendant administered two drams every quarter of an

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Remote organs are influenced either directly or by sympathy. Tlie

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gouty heart syphih tir heart myocarditis uilh conatanl arrhythmia fattjf

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Antipyrin antifebrin and phenacetin have been much used of late. When

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of the general obesity and occasionally leads to dangerous or even fata

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was highly probable that the cases of this class re

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process co dependent with the degree of functional activity pos

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enemy has passed together with the documentary evi

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give rise to gastro intestinal symptoms which may be grouped under the

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issue. The Vocational Summary may be obtained free.

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carbonate surrounded by a connective tissue membrane.

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Treated the subjects of Cases X and XI among others

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gap in tlie cheek and the lower eyehd was drawn down toward it

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which he published in Romania and elsewhere on the close o in

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tribally organized barbarians we find sympathy or natural brother

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accomplished by the retrograde metamorphosis than after labor at full

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great that the brain suffers. There is then consequently a lowering of the

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degree after a year s study in the Graduates Course


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one instance of it in the skin of a git 1 of twelve

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scanning utterance has at times a cortical origin for we saw it

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The following tables give the occurrence of venereal diseases in the

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The accompanying blood chart shows these changes woll. Chart 11.

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duodenum if lower down the lumen of the bowel will be encroached

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mischief. He had been unable to gather any history of a traumatic

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although it was considered by tne authors as a form of tabes.

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unity in scientific medicine in which he showed his whole

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He discusses fully the latest ideas advanced as to the

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eurgeons assigned to base and general hospitals does not have

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pears capable of destroying physical pain it may prob

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ing virgin that excited your love by her prefence whenever that

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William S. Wray succeeded Dr. Kirby as assistant sec

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on the alfeeted Hide thrown into folds. Articulation Ih not much im

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coli a streptococcus and staphylococcus in the nervous system. Leredde

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