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alarmed. He sent accordingly for the apothecary who came

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established by the character of the originating thrombus as in the case

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Note the elongated nuclei posteriorly placed blepharo

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stray sjrmptoms here and there which had no bearing on the sub

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cyanotic parts are sometimes distended in rare cases they have been seen

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familiarize himself with the most recent and approved

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usually firm and resistant though sometimes soft and friable

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The catheter is sterilized with a rubber sleeve protecting

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we see new achievements presentiy paralleled by improvements

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lotion is contraindicated in cutaneous affections in which there

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he kept his remedy a secret until a Swede Mr. Rolander obtained the

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general disorders which are most frequently subordinate to disturbance

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trace of albumin sediment cloudy and containing pus cells

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by looking carefully into the previous history of the case for

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a portion of the cranial wall including the former openings being

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phlogistic value when applied to parts in a state of congestion the

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the cartilage that it was impossible to dissect it free and it was

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sional income from cases of the insured whom the doctor

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In many of these cases it is now admitted that the doses usee

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ization concerned would detail men from the troops batteries or Quartermaster

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since you were a little girl. We are so proud of the many

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due season the other Provincial Councils would fall into line.

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persons. Dr. Hamilton replied that it had been found

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several incisions and the case presented nothing unusual nor

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difficulty. It was found after removal to be filled

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it is a most valuable cathartic given in such affections in small

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oppose all remedial legislation to the uttermost. The only thing

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during pregnancy is in general very important for the perfect

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resistance been hopeless it spontaneously assumes the

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which a bacteriological examination was made in 33 the Klebs Loefller ba

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self made a tour of the camp at that time. Briefly besides

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meningitis in a recent epidemic. Father and remaining

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Interstitial Hepatitis Granular Induration of Liver Hob nailed

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This state of things Dr. Engelmann considers is attribut

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these reflexes are probably situated in the epithelium of the

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living unpopular. Competition in games with children of the same physical

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ture 72 cases of mitral stenosis of whom 27 died be

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ture 72 cases of mitral stenosis of whom 27 died be

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thoroughly in the activity of drugs but I deplore the pro

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Army reports his experience in the treatment of syphilis b hypo

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felt by the operator s fingers under the pectineus.

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nourishing diet with a suitable quantit of stimulants admin

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paratively healthy 5 and migration took place to these as

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