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part of the circuit tells both backwards and forwards on the velocity in

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ond enlargement about three inches in diameter and having the

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systemic nervous system of a dual control and combined

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importance throughout the length and breadth both of

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obstructive circumstances from flexure alone but we are

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that of fibrous tissue homogeneous except in two places where

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nose and eyes. The signs of acute rhinitis persist as a rule till

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Amongst the physiological functions subserved by them

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which have undergone arrest the temperature is sometimes over

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integuments will vary very much with the cause of the oedema being

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the affected parts. The first indication then is to change tho

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concludes that this condition depends upon an excess of the nonnal

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obstruction to its discharge or where the secretion is viscid and

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cally unknown an excess of CO. over per cent produces dyspncEa.

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physicians in filling up the certificates of deaths now that our

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on Medical Literature. Referred to Committee on Publication.

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the importance of cerebro spinal relief is great and must

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especially perichondritis with resulting fixation or dislocation

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always commenced on the eyes and arms first the convulsion

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which the disease terminates without passing on to complete

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the presence of caustic ammonia which prevents the coloriza

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with all their attendant attributes and entities material

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