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given no moisture patient complained that the chill was

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placed in the hands of the Executive Board with power to

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as usual in the capillaries which lend themselves to the

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the only symptom is alteration of voice w hich may be hoarse

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tion by incising the prostate. In its withdrawal which was

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No one nowadays should be sent to the Cape or to Australia

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paroxysms which are exhausting and distressing. In some cases it

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and the vegetable acid salts of potassa and iron than to any

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According to Lauras and others a man may sit tor hours in a

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tissues the finger pads and the beds of the nails is still uncertain.

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of all as stopped or arrested a distressing or anxious sense

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tributions indicates that the localisation of the former has

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bronchioles to the alveoli and is combined with collapse resulting

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that thereby mankind is saved the trouble and embarrass

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culture were inoculated over the region of the poll of the mare

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bronchitis is one of the most common diseases. The conditions

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glands are enlarged and granular pharyngitis commonly co exists.

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sudden death from syncope has in very exceptional cases resulted.

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seldom is able distinctly to explain the seat of the distress.

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tion do not allow of the great functional advancement

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bulge and the integuments be oedematous. The transverse prsecordial

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therefore from this point of view have a light thrown

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