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apply heat carefully oxygen will be given off copiously. Symbol

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infection and in a large percentage of cases both the

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nation of the nature and the manner of production of

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The best evidence under this head however is of course afforded by

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shall not go into the details of his case as I expect

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Symptoms. in the peripheral facial paraly gt is all the hramhes id

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After applying the pelotte to the radial artery securing it in posi

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SYNONYMS. Splenomegalic polycythaemia Myelopathic polycythaemia Poly

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treated by the same practitioner or nursed by the same nurse who

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and noTclly of the Fiesta will be more entertaining than the

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no attempt at occlusion although tbe space of au inch might intervene

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and their trifling importance or rarity justifies the silence maintained

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been received by the committee. The Certificates of Merit which are

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iu calculating intervals should be 12 hours between the accession of one attack

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From the Departments of the History of Medicine Preventive Medicine

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valvate. Stamens numerous densely crowded with extrorse adnate

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sicians. INIedicine has to a great degree emerged from the period

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application of the sapo viridis as a plaster is a more energetic method.

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the autumn and winter month that portion jflt.orfit

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it with the forceps. The mucous surface of the concha inferior

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risus sardonicus thoush more often there are complete smoothness of the features

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regarded the pressures obtained two months after operation as

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tion of the original lemon juice in transit and assistance

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participates to some degree in the consequences if not in the

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Experience shows that the majority of cases of chlorosis are

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now so much in evidence as in the past. The area of

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try to obtain as many other stages of each life history as

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the diseases among live stock are produced either di

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which is by superfetation that is a conception upon a con

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the heel about one inch from its posterior banding

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after a sudden emotion an injury or after a severe chill. When fully

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ptosis Glenard designating these conditions as gastroptosis

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leaf he is declared innocent. This is seldom possible. The Calabar

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Children are very susceptible to opium and only minute

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the Teutonic tribes of his period. The ancient monastery like the one

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certain duration which rarely cures the patient but which

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dead leaves are scattered among the rootlets. The greatest diameter

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soon be repaired and everything will be in first class

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to which the conscientious student submits himself in the study

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some measure at least a boomerang to their cause. The

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action If you came to the conclusion that the words attack his


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unless observations were also made upon dogs. These animals were

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root symptoms in the clinical picture of the disease more especially when

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followed behind me coming down stairs. Passing through the waiting

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Toxicological examination discovered no poison in the organs.

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vertebra to the second lumbar. Notwithstanding the quite extensive

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appearances and that until recently attempts to produce pulmonary

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iting and severe purging leading to rapid exhaustion.

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and the use of lunar caustic which had formerly been

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