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function of the condition of all the bodies the entropy can be

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conditions. The more acid the initial reaction of tho

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either have a very dry itchy sensation or show copi

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BTidence of the Beverity of his sufferings. This was not as might at

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itch. The patient s general appearance was one of clean

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nerve repair must be regarded as impossible. For this

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returning the stump of the horn the mucous membrane is scraped and

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the other hand the sight or smell of appetizing food or pleasing

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such a depletion and relaxation than if we consider solely the

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nic motor insufficiency respectively. The first kind of atony can be

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portion on either side. There is therefore a wide space or

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or a single inclined plane and wait until the swell

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losis. Loomis in an exhaustive and erudite paper pro

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at any time symptoms appear rendering rapid stimula

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chemistry and its application to this line of research.

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are entitled to a certain equivalent advantage. They contend arso

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tensity. The patient can unly bo upon the itfTcctcd side or else is

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the same instant several lines of polyphonic music

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any great strain. He suggested that payment of a moderate annual sub

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of glucose or expressed in glucose units equivalent

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tellect cleared to a marked degree so that the patients

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center is destroyed by cutting the nerves or by abolishing their conductivity with

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who desire may include a Mediterranean trip. Excur

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caria diarrhoea dysentery paraplegia are said by the same author to be

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exerting its influence principally upon the respiratory organs.

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They had lost their ability to take up the stain and evidently were

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night sweating 2 doses of 0.05 gramme grain daily produce


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in which empyema had been produced was used. After several

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among the most important of American industries. But there is

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the positive AYassermann in malaria persists after the disappearance

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G. E. Herman in continuing previous articles on this subject

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more or less closely to the classical varieties. The order

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lichen planus pemphigus and eczema may probably be due

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z in the proportion the volumes of similar rectangular parallel

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ing production of blue pigment yet for this very reason I was

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Three Cases of Empyema spontaneous opening in one and tapping of

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the jejunum there is slow escape of contents and gradual development of

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In those ill in bed in the dorsal decubitus with severe acute febrile

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Mfule hy digestion and percolation of strophaathus 100 with

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adopted the following resolutions adjourned without transacting any

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fered prolonged pain and thereby has been brought into a con

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pression which arises from congestion of the abdominal veins

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of the gall bladder and ducts on the bile have much to do

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Pressure is only a temporary means of suspending bleeding

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resisted the disease absolutely when subjected to this most cru

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recent graduate or he already possesses the right to practise in

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carefully examined. In such cases when mcgaloblasts

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error in counting. In none of the cases was there any increase in

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not less than ten dollars and not more than two hundred

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ease two years before the landing of the Pilgrims. Wliat that

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mary glands wholly undeveloped and the normal growth of pubic hairs ab

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