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appeared in green costumes to represent water nymphs. The stuff of which

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belief that it will be broken up into a great field

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certain number of preparations of the normal stomach of the

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tion with relaxation and when there exists a determination to the brain

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ribs. The omentum was also scirrhous. A small scir

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ing the patient requires rest absolute rest physical

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formation regarding some of its aspects as knowledge

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catgut. The following results include the product all makers

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having a fecal odor and so relieved the tension that

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read the last paragraph of your letter which suggests that the

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hospitals under care of the Health Department must be tele

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The following cases of smallpox yellotu fcven cholera

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tions of the uratie diathesis and in every instance we

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membranous and part of the bulbous divisions and ends about

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edges of the tear seized and sutured in the ordinary way. The

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The conditions of the arterial supply to the brain are

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course these must accordingly be treated of in the symptoma

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for old and disabled members of societies and seamen. In

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a man who agrees with you in everything beforehand There

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producing those flexions and versions which not infrequently offer

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Disorderly nutritive changes may have occurred at an early period of

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trees that had been sprayed. Two members are dead and three

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persons laboring under other diseases but have separate rooms or buildings

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warmth and let what you have be the best and prettiest

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Sausages. These as commercially made are not as nutritive as

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The simple bitters including gentian are contra indi

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passed along a second time examining for skin diseases scabies and body fiep

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closely simulated general paresis in a man who pmldlod snnp to

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under the skin of pure water others like injections

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also evidences of pigmentation c f the tissurs. Frre pigment is frequently

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and the use of lunar caustic which had formerly been

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schools and the public. Dr. Russell was for a considerable period

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striking symptoms were the jaundice and the extreme injection of the

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I expressed the hope and belief that the drug would proba

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only relieved by change of climate when he moved to

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be actually present that seem so immediately provocative of an attack

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upon the study of this special branch of medical science. British Medical Journal.

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The symptoms in human beings are usually pronounced and give

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dermatic injection is 0.50 gramme 7 J grains for every kilo

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disease to adult Cats but could not succeed while all the experiments

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sometimes differed from that existent prior to the pregnancy

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been stated above trichinosis is rarely fatal for the Pig frequently it

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literature a wearisome uniformity a depressing aridity at least as regards

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The last paper is on Epithelioma of the lip and its treat

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if required by pain. A hat is commonly known as thickened milk

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lymphatic glands throughout the body but especially in the cervical

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If the attack recurs these same methods should be reemployed.

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A monobasic acid is one containing in its molecule one replace

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the most abundant being the hanak Mugil ceplialus Linn.. This fish

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fear of poisoning from absorption or licking of the drug. Many

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