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the physician sufficiently aroused the etiological factor may

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trouble caused by P. ventricosus is not likely to persist because with

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sively inhabit mangrove swamps for they occur in other States

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On the second day the patient complained of consider

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preparation of the assistants must include the nurse.

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extrinsecus tangens manum suam in profunda misisse et ei duritiam

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have subsequently become bacteria infected. At the symposium

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good or at least uniform results but such is the case.

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small doses of nepenthe and the edema produced in the

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universally a fatal symptom in my experience being followed by

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years ago suffering from a convulsion which had occurred

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literature as a unit is no longer hypothetical the comparison of

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form of insoluble li lriodide and is contained in tlie

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while threshing or cleaning. When the animal in its eagerness

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NoBVOix DiSTBiCT Mbdicai. Socistx. The stated meet

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beneficial as a tonic during convalescence from exhausting diseases such

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sewerage and a total want of any systematic or well organised plan for

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vessels and in that from the outside of the growth.

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of any value therapeutically but physiologically it is extremely

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period iDter ein a butween thu first and sucund paroxysm m between

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that existed amongst the practitioners of this sec

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and vomiting impairment of vision and hearing confusion of ideas

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work was La Preasion Baromelrufui 1878 a bundle of scattered caaays dealing

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