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tuberculosis etc. when the cartilaginous rings may be bared and some

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the needle gives evidence of a momentary current when the dischaige

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forward the usual certificate to the National Health

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stock of medical supplies in the American Elxpeditionary Forces was critically

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A diagnosis of duodenal from gastric ulcer is possible perhaps easily

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tion the pain is referred to joints not to the shafts.

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Luski writes enthusiastically of the treatment of this disease by

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tion mortuaire cenlesimale comparee a la moyenne de la periode correspondante du

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world into the realm of their investigations on the other hand the

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hitherto scattered data its clear precise clinical pictures and its

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by the ramifications of the ganglial nerves to these parts

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R. P. Stoops Therapeutic Gazcilc has used Liquor Cresolis

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has been thought appropriate for presenting him with a

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doses t. d. for several days in succession but with

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coimteuance public measures with regard to tuberculosis

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fractures commencing upon the articulatory surface whence they

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The epochal work on vitamine deficiency seems to be as yet in its

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tract and those infecting the kidney. Cystitis and pyelitis

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home. And what I think still more injudicious physicians have been ex

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being better to burn them. Fowl houses made of corrugated iron

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ture to coverall anomalous cases of continued fever

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has been used as a substitute for the ordinary acid in

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menters hesitate to recommend the combined methods of sero

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intravesical pressure and permits the bladder to rest. We

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sessed by other foreign butters which are preserved

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children in every 1000 plus 10 others 1 per cent which

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posed of different elements of the rhythmic the melodious

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next step in the operation is the separating of the mus

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while such are found in our present copies the number and character

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subacute peritonitis or cellulitis exist when no oper

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as at present. Major Harrison says he has no evidence that

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pathological and bacteriological section will naturally

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like structure part makes up the bulk of the short bones and the

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she was in good health till her last confinement eighteen months ago.

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surface. Of this I have noAV Avitnessed several examples. How are Ave to

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I l tic degeneration and according to some hypertrophy of the pan

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with the following points of difference the pinnurse are circular in outline.

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Carrel and other workers. Beta and gamma rays from a

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menstruation thus proving her to be a female though a cursory

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distended with colloid. The amount of fibrous tissue traversing

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