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formed. The results were not satisfactory. Many patients returned from tu

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but while only once rising as high as 101.6 it did not

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augurs well for the profession in the Maritime Provinces.

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shortness of breath. A man with diabetes eats heartily

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patient under large doses is more apt to be salivated or

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esiabhshmcnt of a few schools for the mentally defective

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served in the substance of tbe tissue usually stated lo oe brotu.

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and the hypnotists and all other quacks except divine healers can be p

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and dispensers are engaged at the office of the Red Cross

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these great preventable infections we will lessen the mor

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months test. At this preliminary test it was found that in

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ligion morals or education in the island though a laud

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first sound. We can often detect the presence of the sound along

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should be adopted are questions which can only be decided in relation

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distinctions between the terms intermittency and irregularity in

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scarlatina the percentage of sickness and of death has also been lower

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described of the inoculation of healthy men and animals such as

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radiating from either groin. Lastly there is usually present a morbid

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Dickie William Stewart 13 Ryedale terrace Middlesbrough..

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large a following as Dowie now has which promised to

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The first patient Joseph O G. twelve years of age entered the

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oxysma. There may be very few or very many Tbey may be miM

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to attach importance to experiments on mouse and rat cancer. Not a few

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aggerated fear of hydrophobia that sometimes leads in

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mechanical reasons but occasionally a purulent effusion is present and

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are most interesting and worthy of the careful inquiry to which they

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a capable practitioner. It is obviously unjust that he

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in securing arrest of the disease and ultimate cure.

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free from tbe disease but the capsule of the spleen

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though electricity is not used verj much by the profession to

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the chicken sarcoma virus does not resist treatment with saponin

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tion. On the other hand Virginia with ties for medical education and should

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for such cases as those associated with respiratory obstruction.

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been at the patients own homes and the rest on the dispensary. The

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tered frequently. After remaining with the patient some time I was

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intctva the child lies half asleep. As the exhaustioD inorBSHS sasr

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It is alse a good tonic powder. Before and after using the

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