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my experience for in the limited number that have come under

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Fig. q. Sections showing the general relations of the spinal

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walls or valves and wounds the results of physical exertion or

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tion and re collection of the effete tissue material or waste

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nerve cells once lost are never renewed and that the

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unable to breathe with comfort through the nasal passages and

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and gangUonic cells the entire parts being divisible into

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is usually just within the apex beat they vary much in loudness.

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provision of a system of intercellular nervine circula

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plants begin to develop in the alimentary matters to an abnor

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The animal at this time however had lost so much flesh that

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by means of stirring it with a glass rod. The fibrine collects

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convinced was he that it was owing to his total abstinence that

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constant and symptoms of septicsemia with signs of pneumonia

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number their central rather than apical position their harder and

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Resolved That a committee be appointed by the Chair on the

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They terminate either in death which is unusual but may possibly

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becomes weaker and more prostrate and gradually sinks or i

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The process of uni cellular material circulation is effected

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up and expectorated material. The susceptibility for the infec

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any report regarding milk infection which pretends to be com

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passing the stick up the urethra or as nitrate of silver in the

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of the cutaneous surface and hence to a considerable

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ment of the method. Nowadays antisepsis has abolished the

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taining this vegetation are usually greenish or yellowish.

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Arterial embolism. The sudden occlusion of an artery by

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aspect of the foetus. This tube should be provided with an

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coccus pneumoniae and a few colonies of streptococci.

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what may be required its work is comparatively less for the

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sorium and sympathetic nervous system alike. This fluid

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great function of innervation be effective as the vitalising

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insignificant and in the majority of cases the disease tends to re

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interest is situated at the isthmus aortce between the origin of the

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The results obtained in man are very uncertain. In menin

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that we may select any degree of attenuation which may make

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referred to under the pasteurelloses there is an antistreptococcic

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Thus viewed the sigmoid flexure represents in a highly

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Prognosis. As a rule chronic bronchitis tends to get worse

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