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vian bark and besides the compound tincture of bark itself which will account

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mineral matter of the two but the greatest distinction

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silk ligature and the latter tied in the manner desio nated as the

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Both these monkeys though showing the typical picture

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pitals. The cases were mostly epidemic. It started on

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as a rule large ulcers in the large intestine which often perforate

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the protoplasm of cancer cells a definite morphology

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the day and not watering for at least two hours after feeding

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suspected. The principal drugs used were iodide of potassium and oil

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they break np and the fatty matter constitutes the milk corpuscles.

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other germs at this perioil. Microscopical examination of these ookmiM

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Wiley chief of the Bureau of Chemistry Department of

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Now as I have already said the capacity for generalizing

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I first took them under treatment were not only not fit for their

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at intervals rumbling defecations. Complications. Diagnosis symptoms

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Ciathartics is the most efficacious agent. In cere

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and there they assume a characteristic green tint. They can be seen

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are first brought in from grass their legs almost always fill more or

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slight movement of the diaphragm could be detected on the left

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hours after injections and remained tinted with the solution for several

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hypocalcemic tetany. Unresponsiveness of serum cal

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author s setting so main a difference between moral honesty

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tbe time of his death the following intervals existed between the

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good supply of blood to more fully nourish the weak

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Sir T. Grainger Stewart s hypothesis first published in 1867 refers the

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shown in the accompanying chart pedigree. With the ex

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the pericardium to the entrance of air or gas. The possibility if not

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age of 10 has counted and is obliged to count the letters contained

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limit last year. A wearer of the St. Helena medal a distinction awarded

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ered. Aetius and Benivenius speak of recovery in such cases after loss

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It is quite probable that helium was the first existing element

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region. Since then she had been in bed and pain had

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Ceci has emphasized the efficiency of this morphia cocaine

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was the more damaged and shows four zones one in which

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AVaterworks Committee and it does not appear to the

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cations from scientific and practical men as to what modes may bo

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to them. Sometimes a patient s thoughts seem doubly existent to him.

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the external malleolus which he separates from the fibula. The

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Halbron Pradal and Theodorescu are inclined to attribute considerable

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the men and we can tabulate statures and treat them by statistical

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But this is a very different way from ours at present and

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herent to the gall bladder. The cystic and common ducts were

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suffering from pneumonia. In one case this appeared at the beginning of

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giving bis noble endowments his large skill so freely so cheerfully to

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medulla spinalis favors the view that a portion of the cere

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the researches as to the production and dissipation and

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liberation of the nitrogen attached to the aliphatic

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