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after the method of Pfeiffer and Kolle and of Wright several

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little of practical value to acknowledge from this side.

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a day in a yellow fever district has been sufficient

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the age of the patient. It has been thought that the disease

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dropsy at the onset and no vahoilar disease and therefore little ground

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know for each operator not only the number of ovariotomies he per

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of taste. Acids reflexly stimulate the salivary glands. Here

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but anaBsthetics remove the pain only while all other evils

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and new fields have opened and old ones widened but our depart

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on the other is sometimes a puzzling complication to diagnose and an

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criteria help us out of this uncertainty are not very frequent and

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house of his mother and steadily worked up a good prac

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The improvement in all the symptoms takes place in most

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cured strongly speaks for purely vasomotor origin the vaso

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between September 1917 and September 1918 states that during this period

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oftbe Ijeart tbe manner of t amp is Ijearbe Ficucrco

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nnlty of tlw Soatb Lata PrafMBor of the Iheory and PnctJco of Mcdkhia

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intestine with suturing of the divided ends with a view to establish

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adapting himself to the altered needs of surgical work.

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family reasons was very anxious to outlive his brother

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anaesthesia injecting a five per cent solution. His conclusions are 1. The

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in the recumbent position without an antesthetic. The writer

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does it produce irritation in the tissues Second how long does it act

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causing either local inflammation or systemic infection

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persons. Ajtd we do heeeby aothoeize ajn d EEatriEE the Council of the

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successfully in Philadelphia the Merchants Veterinary College but

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teenth century and up to this time medical ethics and jurisprudence were

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Existing Schedule to By laws Dominions Committee to

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In order to understand the diverse phenomena of crustal deforma

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which he proceeded to do whereupon the darkey surprised him

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the disease and be moderate in degree sometimes it is very severe and

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size each of whose mamma weighed about 30 pounds and she supported

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the compensation is ruptured for the hypertrophy of the vta0 M

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lished where a tumour afterwards proved to be hydatid existed for

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school life. This might be effected through thi Juvenile

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Between th two for real and intrinsic merit. the first shccM be taken.

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conjunction of actives and passives without a miracle must

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