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Why YOU Should Learn German Today!

By Perez Adams

I learned German a few years ago and have to say it helped me a lot, firstly I went there because one of the business I work for's partners is located there. This resulted in me going there on holiday and a football event hosted in Munich in 2006.

Why did I learn German and why should you?

You only need to learn the most miniscule amount of German to use it in everyday life here or actually in Germany. You can still have interesting conversations and be able to relate with people from a totally different culture to you.

120 million people speak German in the world why shouldn't you? If you don't then that's 120 million people you can't talk German too! 10% of books are written in German, that's like 10% of your brain if you just get information from reading books.

I wanted to learn so I could understand a lot more things I see on the internet written in German, also so I could understand some of the things Rammstein sing, but they still sound good whether you know German or not!

The German language is very logical, and also highly changeable, and can be used in so many situations, like any other languages, with all the inversions, prepositions etc. German is a interesting, and useful language, and at times it might sound a bit abrupt.

Germany's national language is Deutsche (German). It is in the heart of both Germany and Austria. It is also used by the Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Dutch, and Icelandic, as well as the English. That is why you should learn German.

German is the way to a new, diverse lifestyle!

Every language helps make culture and stamps itself on the national identity - be part of the German culture, learn German, start today!

Here's how I originally learned German, I tried other ways before but it didn't work out so I tried this and it really stuck German into my head.

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