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quarters pound of beef suet three eggs one half pound

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to the danger of a tubercular affection setting in in the

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torted and the many contractions made it otherwise unintelliRible This

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acute cases which recover are differentiated from the nonresolving

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been known that while in France in the summer of 1918 ho

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the nerve roots and the grey matter are generally intact. Miliary

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prevailed during the spring and summer months. This

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all blessings flow. Even in theosophic occupation the Brahman

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occurring last August in the districts of Pemberton and Orrell Lan

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president Paul L. Feiss vice president and treasurer

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join the bicuspids at a right angle or nearly so and give

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leave of absence to proceed to Wilmington N. C and assume

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quently occur as complications in the course of this disease

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that penetrated the chest and the diaphragm. The wound

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dyspnooa and often pulmonary oddema are developed and the gastric de

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in the open country and do so in all weathers. The amount of

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of innervation which in earlier life tend to bring about the first variety

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the glossopharyngeal nerve for the posterior third the soft palate and

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be mentioned as the most striking and most dangerous

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the third brother carries ghee on his back. Here have I seen the

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method of extraction bv means of a large scmifircular flap is

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inclined to accept any censorship. In conducting the

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chiefly in the blood and lymph stream by the intervention of

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other case was thought by the patient to be of some temporary service

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the shoulder and abduction of the arm the acromion is

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fices but this was unsuccessful. The representative of the Medical Depart

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Excretion refers to the throwing off or ejection of waste matter

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