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Italian: Speaking the Language of Love

By Philip Nicosia

One of the most romantic languages on earth is Italian.

There is indescribable quality to the Italian language that makes it sound so florid and expressive - two qualities that lend itself well to missives of love and passionate feelings.

But what could have made the Italian language become so associated with feelings of love and romance?

One very important factor could be the culture. The rich culture of Italy and its storied history could have brought about a subconscious association of anything romantic with the Italian language.

Italy's culture is loaded with romantic imagery and a pervasive atmosphere of passion. Case in point are the many artworks and architectural wonders that the country possess. The art of such masters Leonardo da Vinci and Michaelangelo may be firmly rooted in the Classical school but you still could not help but feel the passion that emanate from their works. From the virile yet delicate features of David to enigmatic smile of La Gioconda -- the celebration of the human form and its emotions and passions are all too apparent. The religious iconography and artwork that is one of the centerpieces of the Vatican (located in Italy) may be not necessarily be associated with erotic love. But the images of saints, Jesus, and of the Virgin Mary convey a different kind of love altogether - divine, pure and inspirational.

Italy's old world architecture has also contributed in making the Italian language synonymous with love. Every person who has toured the country and visited its old buildings and churches all describe the feeling of awe upon seeing majestic works of beauty that have been wrought by the hand of man. Who wouldn't be filled with the feeling of love upon seeing St. Peter's Basilica, the old Roman monuments and statues as well as the old world buildings that dot the quaint streets of Italy?

Italy's other cultural contributions also convey love and passion. The opera is one fine example. The passion conveyed by this exquisite art form is hard to surpass. From the first notes of any opera piece - whether it be a comedy or a tragedy - is enough to transport the listener to another world that is pure sensation and emotion. The listener is like a boat buffeted by the waves of passion and love, happiness and wistfulness that each aria conveys through melody and words.

Italian literature also brings this kind of fervent passion to paper. From poetry to novels the Italian language has been used to great effect in conveying feelings of love.

But probably the biggest reason why the Italian language has such a strong association with love is the country itself. Italy is such a romantic place that millions of honeymooners, couples and married folk go to the country to soak up the fabled romantic ambience of Italy. There are so many things that couples do in Italy that have become synonymous with romance and love - riding a gondola through Italy's canals, wine tasting in the countryside, having coffee al fresco, and even walking through Italy's narrow cobblestone streets.

With all of these reasons it is no wonder the moment you hear someone speak Italian the first thing that comes to your mind is love and romance. delivers a variety of quick language learning programs right to your desktop including Italian and French e-courses.

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