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Hookworm Infection. Delayed cures in the treatment of

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publicity but if he has been fortunate enough as sometimes occurs to

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the nostrils with swelling of the glands under the jaw of

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the rupture and cleanses and helps it to heal repeat the injections

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Lobar pneumonia of the left and right lower lobes and the lower


fluid and the tissue imbedded in paraffin and cut in serial sections

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upward traction of the uterus the vaginal part of the cervix uteri was

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a short course and terminating in resolution. It must be borne in mind

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data of Massachusetts and New Jersey. From these tables diagrams

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same composition and color sulphuric acid intensely blue forming a

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Silicea or Hepar Sulphur in minute doses must be employed where

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ing wounds. The treatment of these lacerated wounds is difficult

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ibid. The millc of the mother the molt natural food for ic.

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factors as we understand it that enter into the prob

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Even with frequent and perfect sweeping of the tubes no boiler cools

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Joseph O. Hirschfelder professors William F. Cheney Langley Porter

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have received their training at the school. That the

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from a different sort of animal also in its biologic behavior. Wasser

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logischen Anatomic der lobular Pneumonie insbesondere der Aspirations Pneumonic

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Ileyl Frederick W. and Hart Nrerrill C. A report of researches

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iolog that the harmonious and dysharmonious action of cells and special groups

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soil un des plus savants liommes du nionde atteete cette es

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that this Fungus had not been cultivated as this would have revealed

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fects of the injuries which he had received that it

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Eugenics by Davenport is published by Henry Holt amp Co.

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X ray examination. In Germany acute dilatation of the stomach is

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about the size of an olive or perhaps somewhat larger contains a

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to nurses and lady visitors. The admission of special classes on

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instances there will be a striking discrepancy between the clinical and the

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The solid product of tlie action of benzaldehyde upon hydro limonene

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Poems there are by Norma Bright Carson Mary Eleanor Roberts

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the central portions. Toward the sternal extremity it acquires a tym

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organs. In succulents moreover very slight changes in the external

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intravesical pressure and permits the bladder to rest. We

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in connection with the persistent vomiting likewise often pres

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effort is a valuable adjunct and should serve as an ex

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lochial discharge the height of the fundus uteri in the ab

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in a perfectly free state exceeding the amount found in the most

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that was done for them. Almost all had some schooling and

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tions are too dangerous in the larger animals. Drench

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which is closely representative of all. The patient

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teral at the base at the apex abruptly contracted into a narrow acumen

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gravity of the lungs before respiration is variously estimated at

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The Plague and Its Anti toxin. At a recent meeting of

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task of making less fortunate fellow creatures happy

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extensively known as it did during the last invasion of the epidemic the

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the egg and cell divisions are identical processes in the two king

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to about 5 000 volumes and at this rate there is only

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usually an increase in the amount of acid secreted.

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plicated by gonorrhoeal prostatitis and then by gonorrhoeal epididymitis.

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us do. When we administer a serum or a vaccine or such

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the word of Aristotle or Galen that is imjjerfectos ohlcesos

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seemed to exercise no influence either upon its diffusion or its symptoms

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ever render many cases of this formidable disease unmanageable Hie cura

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After this he continued his practice in the various chronic

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