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Von Hoff DD and Dunnick NR The Case of the Triangular Foreign Body.
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nervous system. Similarly in the infantile form of the disease a consistent
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cal Cure of Inguinal Hernia I shall here give a few
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of the peculiar density or hardness and the extreme painfulness and
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nightdress and other clothing should be drawn up under the arms.
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for their diseases rather than confess or believe in the
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Saveliew 1 who analyzed all the cases of cerebral emboli that occurred in
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through the ninth space in the posterior axillary line fetid
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other band faciHtaten rapidity and asepsis durinjr opera
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are situated in the scrotum and suspended by the spermatic conis
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thyroid escapes more often from secondary lesions than
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illness she vomited blood several times in considera
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with in the medical section in conjunction with the
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the publication of the first edition. We hear a great deal of palaver
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diarrhoea vomiting or sweating or compensatory as in the
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tually occurring in a district frequently requires correction before it can
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several seconds a red color appears and at times the red crystals
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We should observe that according to this theory medi
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expectant treatment for the majority of cases. In abscess cases
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for the purpose of making an inspection of the United
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to lie in a quiet place though his suffering may lead to frequent
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investigation. It never appears to be very fatal and it attacks more
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the principal causes of admissions during the year 1914
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positions of trust and responsibility. He was for many years
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of foods in which he arrives at the following conclu
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This 10 per cent. solution was stronger than any previously em
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position. Moreover Jenichen says he rested after every 25th
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other forms of leukocytes. Careful study of the preparations
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serum of normal animals may frequently contain ferments capable of
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Smith Elder amp Co. 1907. There are many valuable and in
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I above them in the course of the irrigation canals for
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health game. It is against the conception of practical public health in
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November 19. There then having been no case reported for ten days
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water is spread on a piece of linen or cotton and applied
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this could not be detected on examination. Of the tabulated cases the

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