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and in later days by the actual medical treatment adopted.
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ago. When the body is in a disordered state it is evident
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infected horses especially with urine thus serving as sources
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tiea and I believe tothie AaaoouTHMialao. In the citv here
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The liver is generally affected with venous congestion the colour being
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and its derivatives. These are two The power to constrict
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write. I had no knowledge of anything other than the fact that I
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tion to the papers of White and Greenwood. The language
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is not constant but is aggravated by the dependent position and it does
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insbounents or improper material was reepooMble for the failure.
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the views of Laennec respecting the first supported his teaching by
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delphia Polyclinic Assistant to the Chair of Chemis
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Edward O Otis M.D. Reprinted from the Boston Medical and
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might sometimes be necessary for three or four hours after tre
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spinal cord close in front of the nerve from which they have
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have rendered a coroner s inquiry unnecessary. The very brief memo
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margins of the wound have become insensible they mU
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swelling and consequent contraction in the caliber of the
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host or else migrate to another host and after a brief
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even as low as c.c. per diem for three or four days
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years the mother of ten children twin pregnancy occurring
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tory center is more irritable the impulse extends more widely in every
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microscopic examination of urinary sediments often supplies important
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state until the seventh year but gradually filling up and
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translated into Chinese for publication in the native newspa
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cases have been recorded in which the disease has extended into the
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the irregularity of the hairy covering and there are
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Prolonged applications of heat always give rise to increase
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lands during adverse years sustaining more or less heavy losses from
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mushrooms can often only be differentiated in the first twenty four hours
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affected with relapsing fever presents a favorable soil for the growth
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true one. In several of the cases related by him the cessa

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