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crew ; and worse than all, to endeavor to create a public
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the intestinal canal, and, moreover, in the sigmoid flexure of
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are labouring to enlist his prejudices in their behalf.
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There are one or two points, however, on which I cannot refrain
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the idea that probably the cause of the trouble was an accumulation of
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a very thorough course of treatment, and he felt that the
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peritonitis is preventable. The saline treatment is
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use the mercury alone for a period of about six weeks, this to
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private and public |)rophylaxisagaiust infections which
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tion of the atmosphere be when, as is often the case,
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part of which period he had been unable to work at his trade.
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The results in all three cases were negative. No conti'ol
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to observe the slighter symptoms of intolerance is the explanation of
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physicians. The cures effected by it are. Dr. Tuckey
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opening, was made ]/i inch downward through the eyebrow and running under the margin
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conditions. When we consider the marvels of Nature this suggestion
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mostly occipital; rheumatic pains in joints of hands and feet ;
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approximated, leaving a wide gap at the post commis-
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Aiiiifriicflr(A. A.) Kvoprosu o pnzirno-tservikalnikh
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adherent to the arachnoid; externally, however, the dura is usually thickened,
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there are a large number of public desiccators throughout Italy. There
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its chief staff officer. From the first, in my official reports, it was a
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Transient QouL — Under this head are to be embraced all casM is
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region of the caecum an elongated tumor, somewhat hard, which,
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on his back and rather more than normal when sitting, but

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