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handling by the organs of the body of many billions

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Two circumstances immediately affecting the accuracy of out

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their social life, as well as those who have under-

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expectant to a stimulating mode of treatment. I am in the


it up by the prompt and frequent exhibition of wine, and such

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jury, and might be classed as of the insidious variety. But

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little information as to the strain to which both are

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and are produced by causes of greater or less magnitude ; and

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the purely afifective type, such as alone was mediated

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cine, and other topics. Among contributors to the are unemployed. An underground "dope trust" of

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the result is the very excellent Institute at Port Vil-

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analysis of endocrine and vegetative types is of im-

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other, to fit into the bone defects. Bleeding is care-

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from the other tissues by the fact that it is fluid and

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X " Dublin Journal of Medical and Chemical Science, September, 1835, p. 8.

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and outwards, and without using- much force the bone is easily re-

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cocci may also be present in these bodies. The lat-

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course, let it be understood that the end sought is

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as clinical pathologist, has had charge of collecting

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Hall, John E., Green Island. Sabin, W. B., West Troy.

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the second instance, a gentleman was attacked with acute rheu-

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occurs in conjunction with chronic prostatitis, the

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so characteristic of the early stages of the disease.

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especially distant and indistinct. As the patient had

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to the habit of treating acute anterior urethritis by

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derness disappeared, and the dilatation was soon completed.

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syphilis, eight ; typhoid fever, seven ; acute articular

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sensitive to the touch of a cotton wound applicator.

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Goseragong water, which has a tinge of brown. The proportion of

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may, if the bladder be so sound as to admit of repeated appli-

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and hopeless, and still in the face of this, a number

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local practitioner, which she did on the succeeding Sunday.

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end to prolong it ; it is then fitted around the lower

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has been the case in tuberculosis. I have seen very

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mule. But within the last few years, there are several cases on

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ties will have to be faced : the first is to meet the

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it is hereditary, but because of the weakened constitutions, which

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ter results than any other form of treatment ; 2, the

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Kai.ahi:r. — In Toul. France, on Wednesday, February

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convinced. A great many facts incline me to the belief that pul-

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The very multiplicity of solutions for this problem

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