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William Shaipey 1802 80 of Arbroath Scotland who vaa

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Adminiatrotion. Iodine may be combined with gentian

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iiave always willingly and efficiently performed their

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possible. Use the best white sugar. As the cans cool

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Every officer directing the movements of troops ought to underhand

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case the keratitis came on in the injured eye but quickly spread

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Bleeder Stock No. 1 Synopsis of Results presented in the Table below. The

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well. These will not demand further consideration but those

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years later Cred first used the colloidal silver in medicine. It is almost

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marked. In a number of cases of lupus it was noticed

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ventured to say that there would be no more smallpox.

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eral of the preceding cases it seems to me certain that such a

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The ventral surface of each oral lobe is chiefly occupied by a

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end of the attack the fever became quite irregular but even

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teen ounces a large bleeding for a slender woman of eighteen

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Tutwiler exhibited an interesting series of motion pictures

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The veins from the epididymis in mid embryonic life relatively

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practice of araputatiug while the patient is collap.sed.

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Sir Walter Scott was the greatest novelist of his age. Be

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fication of KraiYt libing licing followed in the review

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of the auricles to the left of the middle line and spreading

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and was much surprised at the absence of any apparent lesion of the

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The same mixture as given for stuffed lobster without

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is well deserving of your study and though I believe its applica

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thickly disseminated growths or when these are incorporated together

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tions on epinephrin Abel J. J. 116 further investigations on

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the progressive tissue chang e becomes facilitated.

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rectum to effective peristalsis. The excitability of the rectum

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He bequeathed to the Trustees at his death his collec

disulfiram--alcohol reaction mimicking an acute coronary syndrome

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nerer produced any nerrous or cardiac disturbance.

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Therefore it would be nearer the truth to say that it is the

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by Calnek. Debayle reports ha ing seen man cases in Nicaragua. 3

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Findlay L. Rhumatisme tuberculeux or tubercular rheumatism. Glasgow

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are harmful because they produce in the minds of men an idea

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the case of a negress aged thirty eight years who entered the

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development is completed in any part of a seminiferous

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of things to come about in which they would see more

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eases and skin disorders is a very variable one differ

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platter and cover with the sauce just before sending to

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Mr. HART Civil Surgeon Pratabgurh. Exactly as detailed in the

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unnecessaiy and does more harm than good as it renders the patient less

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is often proved without adequate motive to have made a study of

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facialis glossopharyngeus and vagus nerves. Anatomical or

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which the physician is sometimes responsible. A worse error is to

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Abnormalities of the cutis vera and subcutaneous tissue

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Reports Drs. Addison and Gull had described five cases of a somewhat

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of the loss of the use of his left forearm. The trouble dated

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In this country np till about the year 1890 excision of the

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