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long duration of the convulsion, distinguish it suffi-
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It is precisely for this reason that our author should seriously determine,
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kealthy children, has an attack of insanity, and, while still insane, or
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The paj>er was discussed by Drs. Yates, Black, Rogers, and Seaman.
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great care regarding the diet and keep the bowels regular.
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no book, properly so-called, on the subject, had seen the light until
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the upper part, where the deltoid passes down between the two
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C. Winkler and J. Timmer have recently reported the case of an
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14, and elected Dr. Thomas McCann, chairman; Dr. James W.
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organisms ? It was my impression that a child might have a
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had perished. In some cases there had been no osseous union,
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lislu'd in llic " Ar('lia'()I()<;ia uVnu-i'icana " (III.
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most miserably unjust "discrimination in favor of one system of
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Death may occur, after copious transfusions, from the rapid mass-
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there must be some special condition of system favourable to the develop-
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and in the centre of it an opening into the stomach ; this latter was
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when no well-marked ague-fits occur. With regard to the succession of
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Late in the disease, abscesses, either in or around the kidney, or else
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sigmoid flexure. In one case operated on by Dr. Ho-
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As formulae for the injection of hemorrhoids the follow-
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the scrotum and cut the thin attachment holding the testicle to
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while making turns or traveling on a grade. Four-wheeled
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one handbreadth above the crest of the ilium. Peristalsis
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Gouty deposits are sometimes found along the tendons, beneath
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It may be due to a difference in the anatomical struct-
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dust, or other impurities generated in the course of
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action of the medical man in charge. Let us assume that we have to

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