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with which it was formerly continuous to provide a.

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mistaken for acute pulmonary phthisis. The physical signs are

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have a somewhat translucent or gelatinous appearance but after

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the erect posture of animals with flaccid abdomens such as tame

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muth in five grain doses. In very intractable cases he has some

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affection or one of the most serious nature and while often primary

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others and on account probably of their less distinctness and want of colouration

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main localised. It is by no means improbable that the nose may

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that chronic disease of the heart is not a hopeless condition as is

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The following interesting statements bearing upon this sub

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The Committee on Nominations made the following additional

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matrix of neuronal nutritive material fitted for the growth

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swelling remained at about the same size but there was evi

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the intermittent flow from the heart is converted into a continuous flow

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cellular organism in molecular proportions and in the

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formation both of which can generally be readily recognised. The

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directed a spray of steam is of doubtful advantage. The patient

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Trenton a State Bureau of Animal Industry whose executive of

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from the blocking of the tubes. The lungs both of which as a

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and maintaining circulation along open passages or con

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But death of the heart is the consequence of the direct penetra

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disease. Cases of hypostatic congestion require stimulating

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Balliere Brothers Publishers New York City previous to their

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left subclavian artery and the junction of the ductus arteriosus with

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The first sound grows small and weak loses its muscular element

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and practitioners. It has already been mentioned that the nose as

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with these mental states and the reflected pain must be of considerable

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lating this Abstract of Therapeutics Ac. for by many

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simply washing the corpse with a solution of carbolic acid of a

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fection. If this be true the cow that has this acquired immu

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mineral acids are useful tonics especially in the senile form of the

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arms they are suggestive of this disease. The pulse is invariably

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wonder that a peripheral or systemic nerve or trunk is

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