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mastoid an omohyoid muscle may be irritated to contraction
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decussation of the brachium conjunctivum are both quite normal
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of syphilis. It is difficult to say however whether
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nual meeting in June 1859. Frick stressed that fre
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observed are a tendency to haemoptvsis and in many patients great
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covered lesions within the cavity of the unbroken peri
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that happy condition of the farmer who when asked by a
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nearest lymphatic glands and thence along the chain of lymphatic
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with large doses of the tincture of iodine. The patient died a week
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petual by the indorsement of the state superintendent of public instruction
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an interesting and detailed accoimt of the history of
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great distance around the patient differing in this respect from
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the riddle. This evil will probably never be checked but it is time
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Microscopic examination of the contents of large intes
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as much weight as could be comfortably borne by the patient. By
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attempt of St. Julien with a running mate to beat the best trotting
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the loop bo completely filled with faecal matter at the
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as regards the nervous condition of a patient suffering with trau
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finitively settled. That this has not been done is owing not to any
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Dr. Randolph. I am unable to say as I have not exam
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the specific selection of certain tissues a condition called by
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to animal biology. In working out this short review of the develop
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and supram arginal gyri or the white matter beneath them. Blindness of
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view was generally accepted. Zimmerman considers that he has
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he may die of syncope and in the other of poisoning.
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carried two or three days longer than girls. In about
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and water of the strength of two drams to the pint.
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occur. The encroachment upon the naso pharyngeal space
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second jui est Carolus luia promisde le mener aCormeille
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tion and fourth neglect of aseptic precautions. Many old
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Kay has divided these 5000 marriages into two groups those
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Of the multiplicity of antiseptics recommended there
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of traumatic origin and immediate benefit seemed to have ensued upon
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to consumption 5 to cancer a similar number to bronchitis and I to
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fered prolonged pain and thereby has been brought into a con
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profuse at expected periods of about a month. You see
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Sir Kenneth Goadby is of tbe opinion that the illness
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He states the number of true neuroses is small more than
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The evidence obtainable at the present time indicates that the
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microscopical sections it is seen that a considerable amount remains in
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and destroys both tubes and tufts. Areas of small round cells are often
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manent buildings on the sites of existing asylums and held that it would
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was successful in obtaining permission in the summer of 1918 to export animals
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dusting putting to rights five rooms enough exercise or should I also
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Ciathartics is the most efficacious agent. In cere
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prepared and present the most recent investigations.
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gone pulse 96 skin cool and dry appetite good urine normal but she
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Remarks. This plant is known as the American Greek valerian abscess
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ant but sunlight is the chief factor The plant requires an abundant
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the stomach it produces a slightly anodyne effect and has
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and Military Hygiene Its Sanitation and Its Relation to War Mortality.
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corpuscles it is only reasonable to expect the germ to dwell
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Bubbling air through the serum was impracticable because of the foaming. In
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this proceeding had no appreciable influence on the general
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through the above level and sufficient room is left at the
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the latter particularly in its permanent cicatrices and their deforming
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will be made very welcome. Dr. Blackader of Montreal is also on his
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irregular the ulcer healed within ten weeks. Consid
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third fourth and fifth left costo chondroidal sutures. Of the
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place without the direct cooperation of the Hving organisms. The
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is made with thick layers of vulcanized india rubber. This ma
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grated and one or more of the phalanges may have disappeared. At the
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tion of certain segments of the intestines abnormal length of
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The regional differentiation of the anatomically distinct centers
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be so placed that it will slowly diffuse into the water or fluid
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the enlarfj ed orj an as normal anil tin other as too mall.
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gradually and so enabling it to replace the lens in the position
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is of great importance in the knowledge and the cure of many difeafes.
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addition. There might first of all be a congenital or
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not man with his high relationship to angels ever fail in
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ing wounds. The treatment of these lacerated wounds is difficult
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value of quarantine was showu by the fact that among
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gical work that in later years I uniformly selected
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scesses but such cases are rare. That the uterus has been un
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occur is lateral curvature. Not the form due to the
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means endurance to perform feats under which the cold blooded horse
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Unnatural presentations are often very awkward things to have to
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in France which preceded it should have been characterized by the
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of view especially since a fiscal argument is of such weight be
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the line of household responsibilities. Too often was important
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bad and we had an eight hours wait in Hamlet. The grand unselfish
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the disease is treated but not the patient. It is most
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work there are no standards quite as satisfactory as those prepared from the
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diseases shortly disappeared after the completion of these two meas
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abolishes every kind of eye movement on the part of
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