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the organ or structure principally involved as the heart brain kidneys
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injection but the evidence is by no means conclusive that
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When advice is sought for primary sterility unless there
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tion though for a little while such means may bring a returning flush
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rooms until the honorary staff can get through the cases which present
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violent irritation in the alimentary mucous membrane in all cases it in
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this only explains just half of my imaginary indebted
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water into the vagina from four to six times daily to apply
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to all of us indeed I cannot conceive a more interesting object
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The improvements in agriculture horticulture and archi
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limbs or scattered widely as the muscles of respiration there must be
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action of the circulator system athletic sports pro
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teaching us how to attain this object that physiology
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Dr. Bronson s object was a most laudable one if this terrible
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towards the equator of the globe. The disc is only slightly
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water using the nail brush unsparingly finally when dried
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again. Pieces even of his clothes v ere said to restore lost
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definite and formal. Three departments became recognized dietetic
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limit in the mammary region and then in the recumbent posture noting the
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peutist that the blood is always being renewed that
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should like to see but the most sanguine does not expect
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engineering that accidents do not happen but are the
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ally followed by the fetus the feet being the first to pass
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ine tenderness we will probably give a uterine douche of
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R Acidi Nitro rouriatici Aqua Destillatas aa O j. Misce.
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eases but as Dr. Cullen set out with the intention of assembling
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are found in great numbers they have a diameter less than that of
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Trendelenberg s posture is the elevation of the patient s pelvis so
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try in four years after the firft infection thefe cracks
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they were the original photograj hic plates which are physically
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immunity against transplanted sarcoma cells and secondly
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additional statistics to show the relative utility and safety of the long
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cally there are only three medical inspectors available for this duty.
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L. Ligation of the Abdominal Aorta for Aneurism. By
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Soon the papules flatten and desiccate and more or less violent
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