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and it was further resolved that as Goodeve was a resident in

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covered and indeed no change in anj organ or tissue has been made

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current should be reversed for one half to one minute or until the

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stomach. It is abdominal. The j ahi may be very severe but there

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illustrated every subject but it was in the field of Organic

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to these means of sterilization and also with the aim of

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Irritated congested and inflamed. The usual custom is to combat this

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thTficld fa in a cireie. l.nd the diameter in rods niultiply

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the life evidences of diseases as shown him in the clinic the pathological

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said to be exempt from implication in this disease but

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Now this sort of thing is a far greater incentive to

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son of London to Dr. DAVir gt Hosack of New York in

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immediate results of the operation were in 24 eases 22 cures by primary

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gall bladder with adhesions b cancer of bile ducts and liver

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standing that they are contributed exclusively to this Journal.

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The symptoms most frequently present are as follows

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place but it is not necessary to speak of them here at length.

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with material for the amusement of the citizens and

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detected and the fever becomes continuous without any marked daily ya

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rejects the remedy it must then be given hypodermatioftlly. When

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infections and intoxications. That there is such a thing as

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generally contained in public libraries that a general index to it

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cured the patients remaining well in one case 11 years

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henceforth look upon European doctors as superior to

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satisfactorily prove that these bodies give rise to

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tion was of interest in the interpretation put upon

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sists of two elements One tending to disparage my character

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From a study of the results of these inoculations Dr.

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of the cases of placenta praevia brought into hospital

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are made the vaginal route is dark and may be one of disaster.

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Contributed by Acting Assistant Surgeon E. Storror Satterlee Hospital Philadelphia Pa.

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wall and become a complication in future pregnancies he closed

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than pure beauty at more than aesthetic pleasure. The desires

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well as their modern their geologic as well as their geographic

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infusion T33 in strung animals. Allow normal salt solution to flow

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remedy was first exploited and among the scores of drugs that have

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occasionally in man although the opportunities for a transfer from

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also be called to the frequent association with chronic empyema of

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that every text book in handling typhlitis and perityphlitis should

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that the Congressional Library will before long be provided with

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operation for at least five years immediately preceding

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the betrothed maiden objects of horror to her lover.

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CHEMICAL PROPERTIES. It is composed of 72 parts of elai ne and

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tion would enable her to view with dctachmeut and as a

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benzoylaconin. Under acetic acid we read Acetic acid is

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Edinburgh and 35 Dawson Street Dublin for the inspec

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viscid a feature that distinguishes it from the always dry and fur

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circulation by the introduction by the bowel of large quantities of alka

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tained similar curves and demonstrated the dependence of

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of fresh eggs and milk. He feels considerably better.

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The feces were noi examined for chlorides and it is pos

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latina is exceedingly infectious because of the presence in the

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something less than two inches which would render the leg al

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attention to the additional alleged cancer cures which

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LornoN Charles. Solution du Probleme de la Population et de

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breathing. By compressing the nostrils to one half their normal

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with Wiener s work. He was able to demonstrate in the case

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tions. She was just recovering nicely from the shock of the

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graininess. The photographic material used was dupli tized X ray film

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or four minutes longer he tied the aorta and vena cava

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another instance a young man of ruddy complexion and apparent good health

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hematology determinations and reduced the large number of finger

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future not for knowledge s sake but for the immediate results of

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most conspicuous lesions extended to the subcutaneous connective tissue.

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indirect fluorescent antibody assay on slide specimens from peripheral blood

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it attacks adults and even persons in advanced life.

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commencement it should be chiefly local and the applications most

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burg Park Commission in regard to this failure to commemorate

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without effusion myocarditis or nervous symptoms such as tachycardia

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pared with 570.26 and 585.80 the corresponding figures for the

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us when the drainage can be safely omitted. Experience in gall

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They attribute the differences between their experiments and those of

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Post mortem there was nothing to note externally. Only

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Lakinitis Sandcrack Quarter Crack Navicular Thritis Stifle Ooi

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this should be regulated before tonics are resorted

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He was for many yeai s a member of the British Medical

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etc. to the background along with the various other properties

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is now on a wave of improvement. Corrol orative evi

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About fourteen or fifteen vears ago 1M. Josse Surgeon of the Hotel

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goitre among the nervous diseases than among the constitutional

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in Glasgow that they were prepared to admit as urgent

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cial ring which engaged it and prevented it from slipping into

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he sustained the particular fracture of the fibula which bears his

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