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became very much discouraged at the same time abandoning

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ties for students work in the physiological laboratory

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ties vomitin lt loss of consciousness convulsions and involuntai y discharges

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for twenty four hours was a source of much anxiety.

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rect the patient to gaze steadily at a certain object and

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is not experimentally proved to be a direct cholagogue is one of

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The preceding observations refer more especially to the changes that take

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will find a cure for their terrible disease. He mentions a newspaper

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Janeiro and Santos which are at the present day suffering

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frontal sulcus to the longitudinal fissure and parallel to the fissure of

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and land climate is the resultant of the guiding action of land forms

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the tract are so frequently involved at the same time that the

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the chorda tympani and the facial to the geniculate ganglion thence by the

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sulphonal and the like have also been used. Person

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The mean temperature for July is 58.7 and for Decem

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munities and at certain seasons epidemic. We are as yet ignorant of the

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adhesions was found to involve the whole of the anterior and left

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of the primary muscular disease to the peripheral nerves the

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A sore throat is complained of caused by a nodule on the palate

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hemorrhage nntil the placenta could be removed and in the early part

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while the unstriped muscle reflex dartos would be preserved.

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the Registrar to remove your names from the Medical Segislcr.

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a Dictorlan IRepresentative ot IRebical Science 231

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toms however cases of cystocele have been mistaken for abscesses and

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become infected and there is a dirty alkaline urine

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used to locate the situation of the lesion from which the hemor

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than to be uncertain as to his diagnosis but knowing the comfort that

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It i s of a stiff consistence is worn in ivory boxes

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ical military duty is exacting but I think however that

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in seizing the needle but failed to extract it so that it

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are all agreed but there does not appear to be a very general

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discrepancy may result in cyclopia synotia or obliter

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removal of the men from the train to the fleet of motcn

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past and has shown us where we may point our patient

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Revised tables Jor 1917 and 1918 Causative agents Absolute numbers and noneffective

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and heel respectively. Thus we replace the foot with its

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