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and while we were rejoiced that the leading conservatives of the country

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Bowdeu i. Bowden 1917 there was no evidence ot adultery.

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Although these dangers begin with the commencement of

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heating the air and to their lack of any provision for

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sequelae since they may be persistent when all specific activity has

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ticing physicians in Worcester and directed the Health

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the face and neck hemorrhage from stomach intestine or kidney each

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flow of the natural secretions solicit an afflux of

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server however will remember the retie.x irritabil

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The twenty seventh annual session of the Tri State Medical Association

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and this continuing to increase until it passes on into the colon

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in contact with the surrounding tissues wipe the area immediately

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the Society of Antiquaries and first Professor of Anatomy in the

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you shunt. This shunting process can be kept up until you re

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These results are not in harmony with those obtained with pigs by

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quence of insufficient gymnastic exercises ovei gt

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while the intra cellular portion is obtained by maceration and

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paper was read i klu atU ctions from superfluous hair to cancer are

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T discovered that the cervix was torn quite up to the vaginal wall.

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ries of fashion s fads are nowhere better exhibited in all their

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certain drugs and medicines and to practise surgery and

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record card be furnished this office and that in future paragraph

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A strange deformity was noticed by E E. Williams pL w at the

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enjoined owing to extreme nervousness and dyspnea this measure had

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culties and a guarded opinion must therefore always be given.

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lated condition of the tissues as well as the excruciating

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tialis or marginalis. Furthermore the position of the

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slow and imperfect. The mucous membranes are cyanotic.

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present a peculiarly virulent yeast. In another striking case which was

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bony growth from the cannon bone is considered a splint and the

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after section of the splanchincs must be true also

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The bacteriological examination also serves to identify the pneumonic

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I termed the adrenal system owed That the splenic hormone referred to

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of a raid which may lead to damage by the enemy in a

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The conclusions and recommendations as a result of this in

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bacterial protein in the circulation causes a chain of symptoms in the

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supposedly due to disturbances in the spleen. The term was long

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lupture and the ova are then dispersed in the central zone. The

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Mr. Synar. According to your response the DOE essentially em

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has already passed. Distil off the Alcohol from the filtered liquor and

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depends upon the nervous susceptibility of the patient. Thus penile pain may

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out the book the sections on treatment are full comprehensive and

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they looked and acted like lobar pneumonia up to a certain point

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caused by acidity and frequently afflicts pregnant women. Soda

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and comparison with the other large artery is easy so that this usually

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The parts completely exposed by Simon s retractors should be scraped

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place in this respect as the work has gone on is very great.

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ing it freely with a liberal air supply by keeping the

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patients Joslin found only 25 relatives with the disease. It is

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an internal organ has its corresponding area of der

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money paid for relief or attempted relief irre. pcctive of the skill

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sanitary condition of our dairies but there is much still to be done.

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iu Pathology aud Bacteriology lasting for a period of three

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the day and not watering for at least two hours after feeding

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tendons should be severed before forcible extension is

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small. You will however sometimes find an instance of a person spitting

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hitherto unknown amongst blood sucking insects and in the case of

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I recall particularly the work Dr. Lewis and I did at the Pennsylvania

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is zero and type 3 in which there is an R P interval.

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By this Society he had the great distinction conferred on him of

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erative changes were found in the leucocytes. The polymorphonuclears

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drinking for which the water is unsuitable as shown by

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lecting information by means of personal inquiry and the use of the

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coincidence is far from being an exact one and that the symptom may

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is involved drainage should be employed. Estes South Beth

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gether with the sartorius hhim 1. m it so entangled in

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clusions. The weight of evidence however would seem to me to

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the albuginea preventing the rupture ot the graafian follicle.

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under conditions which would seem to be the most favor

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other hand in order to secure success the hyperaemia must be

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Invoicing and receipting for supplies transferred by disbursing officers property officers

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umbilicus. In the severer instances it seems probable

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use of public domain materials for these purposes and maybe able to help.

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could easily have passed in my hand. A quantity of jelly like mucus

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level of the fluid was between three and four inches below

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untary muscular fiber of the intestine produce constipation while

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its structural changes. All that is necessary is to

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but anaBsthetics remove the pain only while all other evils

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Conservator photograph of the late Mr. Macnamara taken about the year 1902

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in dyspepia attended with acidity of the stomach and with consti

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urotropin useless in this class of urinary disease. The author

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SchitT state their result of tests with ihe blood oi

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