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Levlen 28

In every year for every person whose name stands on his

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among school girls at the age of puberty shows that but very

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And at Mystic Park Boston September 14 for a special purse

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rectly into the tumor which was thus differentiated

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Stances torn more or less completely away from this

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and uniuteresting detail. Still more would luiagiuation

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ington entitled The Auxiliary Schools of Germany by Doctor

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and reach the cystic duct they are apt to occlude this

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their ova as the sediment consisted largely of the dead

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different. Instead of laying bare the constitution of the universe

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and when sometimes with little bleeding a patient suddenly

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products which collect in the lower part of the colon and are passed

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of the Provincial Medical Councils that they have fully satisfied

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repeated the quinine injection several times during that day and the

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ticl which would produce violent resistance and give unneces

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the purpose of tlraining the Idadiler with the hope of giving relief and

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or solicitous attention to cleanliness cannot be shown. Eest is an excellent

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and a grain of opium at bed time with lint dressings.

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Under this practice in the course of fourteen days the disease entirely

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to use weaker solutions of cocaine but in greater quan

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PROSTITUTION Considered in its Moral Social and Sanitary As

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may be the cause of endophlebitis as it is for the periosteal affections

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The laboratory work of the year may be itemized as follows

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still smaller should be substituted aa soon aa the latter will accom

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the acute pancreatitis. Our experiments indicate that an

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reason and their instinct their practical experience in the use of

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are readily detected in microscopical preparations under a low power.

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Clay Augustus Frederick General Hospital Birmingham.

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eruptions throats and eyegrounds to percuss and auscult. I5ut they need not

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syphili s and intestinal toxaemia laxatives. Soften the crusts with wet

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There are three points in the irritating or exciting

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irritation in still more remote regions for example from uterine and

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Now as to the preparations of opium used I dare say

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twenty four hours was accompanied by the escape of considerable

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was evident that too many had been provided for women. Roble Hall

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Dick is taking a residency in family practice Highland Rochester Hospital

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mined for each case individually. The first doses should be small

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denum constricting it to the thickness of the thumb thus indi

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Alligator bites 722 Animal bites 722 Injuries from lightning stroke 722

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to indicate that this is due to an inherited anomaly of the

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and also Much alone described various split products of the bacillus obtained

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and the thoroughly unscientific and unsatisfactory character

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to the Roleaux treatment of tuberculosis and the results quite as grati

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conjunctivitis of the right eye developed. The diagnosis was

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lated research and the invention of printing which had been given to

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of altered metabolism in the liver and intestinal tract and

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medicine. Nothing of interest seems to have escaped the edi

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with one dissentient voice the principle of adopting lay nurses in the

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of the world and especially in the Middle states of America.

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and functional restoration of the disabled soldier no longer fit for

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as a consequence of cystitis by retention. The washing of the bladder

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simple slow circulation or enlargement of the jugular bulbs

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flesh adhering to the stone and the remainder free stones or

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The aliove exudate forms the peculiar dirty reddish yellow slimy

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my own cases usher in the symptoms. Especially sig

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her sister who referred her to the family physician and he kindly sent

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formerly the case and especially among race horses and hunters

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Growth and reproduction of malaria parasites takes place chiefly

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with Dr. Frank H. Gilreath President of the Wilkes County Medical

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continuance of the witch burnings and of the number of the

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persisted in most of the neuro fibromata on the spinal roots ex

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outside the caseation has acquired an immunity to the

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the hodge podge of goal ideas which swim through the consciousness.

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