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be given to young infants. Breastfed babies may go several days

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gramme hypodermatically administered and were never followed


We appeal then to every mother as she values the securi

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tion I am persuaded that the same will be true of the astronomic

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Protestants it was 79.5 per 1 000 000 and among Jews

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actiAe service in a campaign beyond the limits of the United States

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ing of the permanganate of potash and caustic potash this latter is

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trouble i gt little if at all. better than in the first place.

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growth may extend towards the rectum through the i os

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the question especially in relation to administration by

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erature and of the available official statistics that in all great

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ocmtni to all reason the pnttcnt wm kllowod a oopioiu sugiply of

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simTner gently with four quarts of water in a covered vessel

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pliNsician. not only as a healer of individuals but

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be reduced by the exhibition of the medicines recommended undei

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The patient did well for three days and the drainage was per

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finding recognition in university programmes of study though

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out of 1 870 cases of operation in hospitals etc. for

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an excess of large lymphocytes is present in many cases and sometimes

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the divided skin and the wall of the paunch being included in each

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Into vinegar that is better flavored than that made from cider.

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called for when the quadriceps femoris is paralyzed and the sartorius

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bers of the Medical Society of the County of Monroe

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Puerperal fever is a term which embraces all microbic infection of

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from which it is obtained is unnoticed and unknown.

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till penis they are more coinmcui 111 ti.e former situation.

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to cause pyloric stenosis by drawing upon and twisting

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ameliorated. This case recalls a somewhat similar one given by the older

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opsonins and precipitins in a high degree. This serum has been used in

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Natural Infection. Infection takes place through the

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Thus in pneumothorax which is the corresponding pathological

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Describe a method of preparing oxygen on a commercial scale. Write

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would die in sixty seconds. As a man breathes about eighteen

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tain the dregges of the spices and let the wine escape

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dences and characteristics of parasitic activity as in

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will have come in from neighboring towns bringing with

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the chest before the lungs are atelectatic and the exudate has

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striction. If blisters form or discoloration of the toes or other

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are first brought in from grass their legs almost always fill more or

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part of a large majority of the members. Partly as a result of

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medicine to support medical schools on a large scale and schools

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single insertion. The results obtained by this method are reported

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arrived at however before the new rules and regulations of the

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anterior mediastinum in front of the pericardium which produced the

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limb or bj passive extension. The cases of non symptom

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wards be associated appears the method most likely to be

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a conservative statement. That being the case at least a large

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Pfannestiel Centralblatt fur Oyndkologk No. 38 1888 reports four cases

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ence in the two operations is chiefly one of denuda

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tion to be given at each enlistment. Further experience is needed as

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and that ti eatment to be successful must be directed not

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Siler Medical Corps United States Army was the representative

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in which the yellow rays predominate appear yellow outside of

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of a Medidu Guild pointing out in general terms the

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slightly. On compressing the right eyeball the heart beats diminished by

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largest being placed on the inner surface of the limb. This patient is

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recurred in the socket and had attained an enormous size. It had

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sider only those born in this country whether of na

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Se g PaaeliHg gt m8 ordsred aad raeeived to elose off opsn

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sults of his investigations with the aid of his silver method

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cases of this disease. Our hospital the Keith Falconer

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cision in the skin above Scarpa s triangle under the

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one half of the cortex over the convexity of the kid

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PBOOKQUB. Many cases develop run their course and recover

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that you may appreciate the im obscure disturbances of the human

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anesthesia produced by chloroform and ether is really an intoxication

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as Murlin and Sweet assume cannot be the explanation o

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and no cliange in the line of dulness. In pnlmonarg mdema there is

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the Society s Hall at Edinburgh on October 14th on Art

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assimilation and saves an immense amount of work to

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ond place treatment is often not commenced till the symptoms

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zette de France der Hauptgonnerin der Bewegung. Dafi diefe Kari

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generic substitute for glimepiride

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Michigan Medical Society the Michigan State Medical

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per cent had severe pain. The menstrual history in this group of cases

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tions as to manner of life and regimen to avoid future complica

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In the bodies of lice infected with exanthematous typhus cocco

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