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impure atmosphere of a high temperature while the feet are

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back resembling those of ohronio rheumatism leaden hued fea

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nervous system or structures and finally exudes or is

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ing readiness with which the seizures are induced by trifling causes.

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of the gall bladder. Sometimes she would vomit a small quan

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a dyspnoeic character when again they gradually become slower and

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the pain insomnia dyspnoea difficulty of swallowing and distress.

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and more efficient performance of duty. Therefore we

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chest and unusual loudness of endocardial murmurs over the back

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pleurodynia is a gouty or rheumatic myalgia affecting the inter

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more marked and more and more constant being aggravated by

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ference with the principle of local and universal circulation.

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of tricuspid incompetence indeed it may be noticed in some healthy

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in and on the free surface of the mucous and serous

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resonance with feeble or sometimes bronchial breath sounds and

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connection with the posterior orifice of the enteric canal

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ments when the proceedings of that great entity are to be

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crease the malady and aggravate its effects and itself the first

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unable to proceed the voice becoming weak and strained or dis

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the original structures involved takes place during which

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