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State are doing a good business. I believe all have reported

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inch sill and I diagnosed the trouble as acute rheumatism.

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structures with atrophy and attenuation of the hair

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suffocation from the sudden entrance of a large quantity of pus

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may be observed on microscopical examination. These consist

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or iron which are not volatile and which act only when in

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ate horsemen stable boys farmers and others of the same class

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embraced within the operation of the law and has been

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of the central nervous system such as mental or emotional states

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serious consequences to the nutrition of the myocardium parti

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cavalry horses as they seem to have vanished from our coun

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the patentee claims as the following from his circular will show

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adhesions over the entire surface except at the posterior por

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here is not licked up by the wind or vapourised by the

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Moreover the infection takes place with greater ease at certain

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effort individually and collectively of every veterinarian in this

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cellular organism in molecular proportions and in the

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of any definite structure or structures which can or may

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chronic apical induration there may be pressure on the subclavian

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of which six were bulls and during that time had yielded

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