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passed her examination as Doctor of Medicine at the University
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of the blood we have become convinced that we have a
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become efl ete respectively under the titles of protoplasm
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thorough and prolonged attention including protracted rest of
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to these causes may therefore be dismissed as may also that
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then must occur to rectify the disturbed balance of fibral
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preferable to ether which tends to increase bleeding and promotes
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with their prospects although there has not as yet been suffi
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rapid removal of a large pleural effusion. In some cases a single
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about three inches long made through the skin connective tissue
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Yet which is it for our sole notion of the color of the
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contents of the cavity. In addition to being hollow the note has
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which was repeated three times per week. It was so gently
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Triturate the. Boda with the water and add the tr of ipdinq
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ing much better than the passages yesterday morning. They
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dent. Moved and supported that the present officers all be de
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The blood of the veins receives from without substances of
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as illustrating a distinctness of neural texture from the
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peculiar and horribly offensive sputa and the amount of constitu
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may be regarded as the most ideally perfect to be found
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sympathetic nervine energy through cell and fibre agency.
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nostrils for twenty or thirty minutes having a sufficient amount
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Liver splee i pancreas stomach a id inlestines. Vaso constrictor
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shows of its dilatation from overstretching of the walls safety valve
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