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Benadryl Drug With Tylenol

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may be the legitimate inquiry of a scientific commission. It is not a
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fessor of Anatomy, University of Chicago, 1892-93 ; Member of the National Acad-
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of the central nervous system. — Ibid., 1915, vm, 940.
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Hampshire Conference Seminary, now Tilton Seminary. In his twentieth
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The good that such a man accomplishes cannot be estimated. It is cer-
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day. Furnished, excellent service, stenographer, telephone. Apply to Sec-
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years. The fee is $100.00 a year. Drawings of especial
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disorder under consideration, but the combination has been re-
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Best of references. Office over Cornwell's Drug- Store.
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affords facilities for the study of the diseases of children, including
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followed by most remarkable effects in luetic iritis, while in paren-
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Woolley, P. G. Notes on multiple primary tumors, i.
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Dr. H. W. Dudley, of Hillsboro, died in that city January 21st
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amining and treating under supervision cases of incipient
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years. The fee is $100.00 a year. Drawings of especial
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if a session of any other medical society or organization in this coun-
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that the attenuation administered contained some trace of medicinal
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2 to 4 p. m. Dr. Eichardson and the Eesident Staff.
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tion useful to medical men of all sorts — scientific inquirers, busy
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Scarlet fever in the navy for the same years was as
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We, your committee appointed to draft resolutions upon the
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been computed by Benario to be 0.8 per cent. Increased dosage
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the wrong words, and after he was 67 it became impossible to un-
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11. Fischer, O. : Die presbyophrene Demenz, deren anatomische Grundlage
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Allen acknowledged his "complete inability to solve the problem."
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marked increase in the daily amount of urine, as it
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Margaret and Kate, and a son living in Atlanta, Ga. The two
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the vulva. If not, it is quite probable that the dis-
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difficulties of diagnosis present themselves and make any definite
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vice, who, from their commanding position in the profession and

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